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- 9 days ago

Entertain his heart with prayer. #completethemission
h J R

- 9 days ago

Enter you love for your husband st the base of the alter and when you need to pull in Heaven you’ll always find God…
h J R

- 14 days ago

Either you’re with God or against God there’s no in between! #ChooseASide
h J R

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You will find the latest blog writings from Jereè Black! Be encouraged as you are on your journey of mending the broken pieces of your life to become a better woman & wife so that you may propel the next woman on her journey. ♡

This I Vow: Articles, Interviews, and The Book Coming Soon!

The vow is deeper than just having someone to have in hose relations with, and it much more deeper than just maintaining your words before a crowd when everything is fresh, and uncomplicated. Vowing to keep the covenant Holy, and pure is what we must do from here on out. Mending The Vow takes hard work, and dedication. Providing encouragement, resources & marital advice for marriages to forgive, heal & reconcile. What will you vow again?

    •   The faith To Stand For My Marriage. The act in faith that I am standing in concerning my marriage did not come over night I had to fight in the spirit to get to this place, and I had to really stay before God in fasting; and constant ...

      Commission To Love You! Part II

      September 13, 2017
    •   Deep down in my heart was the woman that was waiting to be linked to your heart, but before she could ever surface there had to be an intentional date with God with the likeness of the old me. I was sick from countless painful moments ...

      Commissioned To Love You! Part 1

      August 16, 2017

  • Conflict are often due to the differences in opinions.


    Did you know using the wrong tone of voice can lead to a major argument with your spouse?


    A few wives admit they might have an affair to get back at a spouse.


    Some husbands admit they might have an affair to get back at a spouse.


    Some researchers have estimated that marital infidelity occurs in women about


    and about of married men


    Other studies suggest that as many as of men


    and of women will, at some point in their lives, end up in bed with someone other than their partner.


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