The things that you face in life are not meant to define who you will be as a woman. You are wonderful, and fearful made in his image. – Psalms 139:14

Nothing that you have face in your life is a mistake, and you need to stop allowing the enemy to treat you like a crash course dummy, because you are not his property, and you can allow him to keep treating you in the way that he pleases. You have to stop breaking every time trouble come, because darling it is not always meant to harm you but to “build up your testimony.”

You have to understand who you are in God you are perfectly made in His likeness, and He loves you He wants nothing but the best for you. You also have to see yourself in being preserved in God, and you might wonder why you are going through all of the hardships in your life, and why you have to be the one that God has chosen to be the poster child for the storm in this season of your life. Well guess what? In the Bible god states if you dont suffer you will not rain with Him. -2 Timothy 2:12


Here’s Where You Have To Push Through It!

1. You know that the things in your life is not going to take you over so you have to put together an action plan to daily defeat what the enemy throws your way.

  • Increase your prayer time this make it even hard for the attacks to have any life.
  • Stay in your word more often that usual. They have apps to download to your mobile device so there’s no excuse!
  • Talk to God about it, and give it to Him, and do not go back to grab it.
  • You have to push past the hurt, the negativity, Push pass being in the lips of talkers.

2. Don’t not engage into conversation of what you are going through.

  • Learn not to have discussions of what you are going through, because this ties Gods hands, and blocks Him on moving on your behalf.
  • Be mindful that you have to give notice to your situation if someone ask you about a thing or a person, and you know that your facing a or with it or them just escape the conversation like you did not hear what they just said.
  • Be very selective of who you let pray over you.

3. Spend time engaging with yourself.

  • While you going through this season of being made by God there are a few things that will make you smile in this season of becoming Un-bre-aka-ble.
  • you have to find the key element in yourself in God, by knowing this you will learn how to build up your character in God; so when things become tiredsome you still will feel that joy that only God can provide.
  • You have to learn how to have the mind of God, you have to search Him out, and have a heart to heart with Him to know how to gain His peace within yourself.
  • Learn how to write out what your going through this way you will have the tools to focus on when God brings you out and causes you to minister to someone else that’s facing the same season that you have went through.

Being Un-Bre-Aka-Ble is defying your internal character, and it is the ingredients of prayer, fasting, more prayer, and staying in the word of God day in and day out. You have to make your petition know to God, and after that just praise your way through it.