A Prayer For Unity In Marriage

I remember when i use to always desire to pray early in the morning with my husband whether on our best days, and for the most part on our not so good days. I remember the urgency to get before God before my husband left out the door to go to work, but I always felt the need to say a prayer before we given got out of bed to get the day started.

I have asked myself this question far to many times in the back of my mind, and out lound to the wind when no one else was around i simply sstated to myself. What Are you willing to give up of yourself to be unified with your husband? 


Have you ever addressed this question in your marriage or have you been so consumed in what you wanted in your own life that you have lost sight of what your marriage needs from you?

There are a lot of factors when it comes to making a marriage work where unity is concern, and the fight to get there will not be a esy one traveled if you resist giving up the things within yourself that you know or may be unaware that is crushing your marriage.

Let’s pray! 

Dear God,

This morning I thank you just for the ability to bring forth a prayer of unity in my marriage, and for marriage around the world. i ask that you show us how to seek the things from heaven, and to trust you more with the patterns of minds that when we think not a good things that we will choose to unify our heart to the purpose of our closeness that we desire to get to in our marriage. i pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!