Be Still And Hear Him

God is always waiting to speak but the question is are we ready to hear what He has to say?

This hit home for me this week because I found myself bust without giving a listening ear to God but wanting a response to the prayers that I had poured out in service the previous week before, and I was impatient, and unwilling to back down from my frustration about the things that I wanted to happen in my marriage.


The things that i was demonstrating to God was the effectiveness of not trusting in His promise for my marriage, and for basically placing Him on my time when His time I know is far greater than my own.

I begin to find less comfort in wanting what I wanted without the wait that it takes for God to work things out in His own way. I started to ask for God’s forgiveness on being impatient, and I asked Him to lead me to a place of thankfulness.


God is expecting a deeper worship inside of me from the depths of my soul, and I have to tap in!  have you ever felt this way?

There is a thing where God does not want anything place before Him, and I have been so guilty of pursuing my husband more than I have been pursuing God, and now that I’m back on the straight path I cannot worry about how God is going to work things out I just know that He is going to do it, and I know that I have to remain in pursuit of Romans 12.2


Let’s pray!

Dear Father,

Grant the wisdom to us to know that your promise for our marriages stand regardless of how we throw fits, and ignore the passionate instructions that you have given us. Lead us into a deeper place of obedience in you. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.