Calming the Storm In Your Marriage

Are the struggles in life weighing you down, and is it interfering in your marriage? If so there isn’t an easy solution on how to deal with matters of the heart when it comes to having problems in your marriage. I Remeber going through some trying times in my own marriage, and I really didn’t care to fix them because I was so numb to other things that were going on in my life that I didn’t even care to give the problems in my marriage a second thoughts, and I was wrong for that because my marriage was suffering , my husband was not getting the best of my as a wife, and I had no right for the behavior that I was projecting into my marriage. So what did I do? I just allowed God to show me myself, and what He showed me was not cute, and it wasn’t beautiful at all ; so I slowly started to take a look into the problems that were in my marriage, and I didn’t like what I saw because God revealed to me that the cause & effect was primarily my fault I was floored. It tookme a while to get my self together as a wife, and also I had to really open up my eyes to see that others things that were going on in my life were reuniting my marriage so I had to recenter my life, my friends, my family, and my relationship with God in order to defined myself as a wife, and though I still have somethings to work on God is helping me through it all.

Are you ready to be a changed wife?

Let’s pray…..

Dear Lord,

Today I’m asking for a special prayer for wives that may be purposely hendering their own marriage in fear that they may be hurt for whatever reason. Father you know that I’ve been there, and that was not a great place to be for me’ so Lord I ask that you touch every wives heart, mind. And spirit & that you will calm their spirit down, and allow them to settle their difficulties in their marriage with their husbands. Father you know what’s going on in every marriage, and you know what needs to be fixed, and what people needs to exist their lives that mean them no good. Father I asked that you will heal them from the crown of their heads to the soul of their feet. I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen!