Overcoming The Obsticles in Your Marriage

I’ve been going through some pretty challenging things within my marriage that myself & my husband have been praying on for years now, and to see the fruits of our prayers unfolding right before our eyes is one of the more gratifying hints that we’ve seen in a long while together. What may be big to some may seem small to others, but I just want to encourage others wives out there to just hold on to what you’ve prayed for, and know that God has not forgot about you or the many nights that you’ve cried about wanting to see progression made in your marriage. God is a healer & a restorer.
Let’s pray!

Dear Lord, I thank you for the many wives that have not losed their faith in you, and as well as their marriage. Father I also know that there are wives out there that have lossed there way in there marriage, but Lord I know that your the God that restores all things, and Father I pray this morning that you will touch every wife that is hurting in their marriage. The wives that feel as though they’ve given so much in their marriage, and aren’t seeing the same in return God I pray that you wrap your loving arms around them, and show them the plans that you have for their marriage. Send love, encouragement, and joy within their hearts as they wait on you. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!