The Prayer Of A Mother’s Heart

Today were are going to discuss the power of Hannah’s prayer for Samuel

Today’s devotion is based on 1 Samuel 1:10-18

Hannah vowed before the Lord that if He would grant her wound to house a baby that she would give the give the baby back to the lord. Hannah cried out to the Lord with a great cry, and she weeped unto God with her heart. She cried so hard the the priest thought she was drunk with hard drink, and Hannah expressed that she was not envoked with any liquor of any sort. So as Hannah went back into her pleading with God, and the priest told Hannah to be on her way, and granted her that the Lord grant your petition.  

What touches a mother to pray for the unborn child?

Many women in this world are walking in the shoes of Hannah they are unable to have children, and they think that they are less than a woman because they are not mothers. But as we see clearly is Hannah’s story she was in the same set of circumstances, and she went after the throne of God to petition Him to give her a son that she would give back to him, and that he will serve the Lord all the days of His life. This was a deeper prayer that Hannah was definitely serious about unto the Lord.. 

The measure of faith of a mother waiting on her unanswered prayer.

As most of us that are not on the receiving end of being able to bare children it can get hard for the most part seeing people around you loving on their children while thinking ! Why me God? As you may or may not know these thought went in, and throughout the mind of Hannah as she watched the hand made Peninnah bare the children of her husband. Peninnah provoked Hannah, and Hannah wat at her wits end, and that is where her prayer begin. she prayed, and vowed things concerning her prayer, and Hannah had great faith while she waited.  

Where is your faith leading you?

There are things that are out of our control, and there are things that only God can heal your womb, and He can if this is in His plans for us to bare children. Where we lack in hope God is there to use it to bring our faith where it needs to be in order to believe what we can not smell, touch, or see but having the faith of a grain of a ustard seed that it will happen in God’s timing. 

God abides in us as we allow Him to guide us to our place of worship

have you thought about crying out as Hannah did unto God? There can be a sense of rejection from within yourself believing that God won’t this is where you need to let go of all doubt embarrassment, and shame. The will to cry out to the Lord for a child can be one of the most sacred prayers that you can pray as you are waiting to receive the answer of your hearts prayer.