The Release Of Deception

Dear Lord,

Good morning, and thank you for breathing truth into our minds once again, and for being the light in this dark world. It is through you that we draw our strength from. This morning I petition heaven on behalf of the voiceless women that has not found her voice in you yet. I bow before your throne god seeking strength to capture the fear of deception out of the minds of your daughters.


The enemy has no place in the hearts of the jewels in which you desire for your daughters to be. God I pledge a call on the heart of the alter of Heaven against the enemies camp to loose women that desire to know you but are bound by the enemies hand.

God release your power from on high on this dark world, and allow the captive to be free from all that bind them in darkness. I pray these things over the lives of your daughters that are trapped in the darkness seeking to break through the light of Heaven. In jesus name. Amen.