Ain’t Nothing Going On, But The Rent

Ain’t Nothing Going On, But The Rent

Is I just me or is something in the air? 

Recently me and Seretse have been on ths up and down rollacoaster that never seems to slow down enough or go fast enough; so we settle into our daily routine of taking care of our household needs makng a list of things that we need to shop for, and what bills need to be paid.


Sometimes the air is not enough to inhale, and sometimes the air seems to much to handle –

Jereè Black

This daily routine of no interaction, and no love making is really drawing the line in the sand for me, and we are so busy with work, our own personal commitments that we barely see each other, and when we are in the home together it seems like all we both do is becker , and complain of what we will, and won’t take from each other.


i live to serve well in my marriage….

this has been my mind set for the past few weeks, but there has been other things that have plagued my mind that iare blocking me from being a loving wife towards my husband, the affair has caused a rift in our marriage. After a while of living back under the same roof i’ve been feeling distant from my husband; because things do not feel the same. the love doesn’t feel the same, the intimacy doesn’t feel the same, the emotional attachment is not there any more, but I  still desire to be marriage, and i have the will to fight for my marriage. He tells me the same thing, but I go further into depth of how i want our marriage to work.


We’re Headed to Counseling

Last week I brought the idea up that we both needed individual therapy, and marriage counseling. My husband looked up at me, and simply agreeed which shocked the life out of me, because when I spoke of it in the past he always denied that he needed to fix anything about himself; so this is a major crossroad that we are about to venture into together, I pray that we find Godly counselors that will be able to hear from God, and fuel good decision making to guide us back in the right alignment nin our marriage.


Matters of the heart concerning my marriage as of right now is maintaining our house, rent, and work schedules. I am hoping to God that we see better days in the future; because things as of right now are really gloomy, and dark,


I pray that if you sre facing similiarities in your marriage that you are being honest with yourself, and your spouse of how you feel, and what you desire to see flourish in your marriage. Living in a unreealistic place in your marriage is not healthy, and nit can hender the growth of your marriage.


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