The Fruits Of The Promise

With grace God provides us with His truth in knowing that if we shall wait on His words of what is to come then we will not worry about the things that surround us.

The furits of God’s promise for us is not something that is going to be delivered to us on a silver platter. We must go on a journey with God in order for Him to trust of in some deep areas in the wait on the promise. There will be times were we cannot see themestisifications of God’s plan but as lng as the faith is moving on what we cannot see then we kow that we are heading in the right element in the ways of our faith.


What are your fruits springing up?

Are you rightfully declaring the things of what God has spoken over what you are facing n your marriage.?

Are you sheilding prayer over the promise?

Where do you stand? And how do you feel about it? 


Let’s pray

Dear God,

This morning our hearts are ever before you having all that we know how to do on standing in your promise for our marriage. We have gained so much ground in affirming who, and what you have called us to do. Let your word be on the tip of our lips, and let us joyfully walk in your abundance.

Our eyes are looking up to you that is the author of protection of all that we need in the earthy vessel. This morning we pray on behalf on the needs of marriages that cannot find the strength to sound off the alarm in the war of prayer in their homes. Stand with us, and battle on our behalf in the heavenly realm.

I declare these things over marriages worldwide that you will begin to shift in a way like we have never seen before. Aloow all that we do be pleasing in the sight of you, and in our spouses.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.