Detangling The Toxics Connections

What entanglement of the toxics that are left from years of pain, hurt, deceit, lies, and the misconception of people, places, and things left me having relationships with people in my life that I thought mattered until early in the morning when I woke up, and God revelaed to me as I was laying in my bed that i needed to get over the Toxic fear in my life. Now I never heard of the term Toxic fear; so I looked it up, and what I found left me with a blank stare on my face.

Here are 15 toxic emotions that lingered in my life over the years which attached residue in my life.

1. Toxic anxiety

2. Constant anguish

3. Chronic dissatisfaction

4. Toxic addiction

5. Toxic anger

6. Toxic envy

7. Toxic fear

8. Toxic shame

9. Severe depression

10. Toxic frustration

11. Chronic pain of grief

12. Toxic tears

13. Toxic guilt

14. Toxic denial

15. Toxic jealousy

These things felt me feeling compelled to heal from all of the residue of the effects of what is hidden from the parallel  things that has shapen me into the hardcore person that God is changing me from. In this moment i refuse to stay stuck in what the enemy tried to killed me with, and I have no time for disruption in my life.

I asked God to expse everything in me that is holding me back from fully persuing Him.

There is nothing that is to hard for God.

Jeremiah 32:27-35 KJV

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