Feeling Dirty? Wash The Toxics Out Of Your DNA

Many years of being in the disagreement of dealing with toxic demonic forces in my life i had to agree with God on one thing to take it away the way you need to do it.

The forces of evil can come through people, pain, and past in pressions that was left in your family, and that have carried on into your life. Nothing im my life has been easily handled, and nothing is going to be easily shifted until God hands move about in the healing ring in my heart.

I am constantly waiting on the hour of revelation to see the works of God to incorporate what He has promised to shape, and heal within my life; so that i can go into the areas of this world to mention of His works within my life.


Dear God,

Tonight i asked that you make me clean, and set apart as you have intended me to be. i am warn, and I am tired of walking around this mountain without seeing the revelation in front of my eyes. I ask that you do what you need to do that will take away all toxics out of my life that, and that you will seal the door shut on this area of my life, and guide me into a healing place in you from all of the pain that has ever plagued my life. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.