Tag God In

Does you days often feel like gloom, and misery while it seems like everyone else around you are thriiving in all areas of there life? 

I remember feeling like this at a certain time in my life I felt like everyone was going highier in what God had called them to do, and not only in their purpse but in their marriage, and in barring the fruits of  the spirit.

What are you doing to climb out of the element of thoughts that are resurfacing in the clouds of your mind? 

Here are some pratical way to eleminate the confused state that you may or may not be deeply wrapped up in.

  1. Come to grips on what you are feeling.
  2. Be precise on letting go of what you can not control.
  3. Fortify your mind with encouragement
  4. Turn your face to God on your knees in prayer
  5. Whatever you give over to God ( do not pick it back up)

After you have done the follwoing above methods you are giving God’s hands the exchange to handle what you are going through by removing your hands off of what you can not handle on your own by placing your hands in God’s hands, and tagging in His grace, His mercy, His protection, and this is granting God the permission over your situation to fight the battle for you.

Now by knowing that God is handling all things according to your faith God will give you the victory over the enemy; so my best advice to you is to stay completely out of His way, and just begin to praise Him for bringing you out with a mighty stretched hand.