19 Ways To Become A Better Woman In 2019

19 Ways To Become A Better Woman In 2019

Becoming a better woman is more than just a saying it is a way of living, and becoming a better woman. 

In this year alone I found myself reeling from a lot of difficult emotions, and not only in my marriage but in my personal life, relationships, friendships, and even with my own mother

I had to evaluate myself, and the many people that wee in my life, and I had to ask myself who was apart of my issues, and who were the foundations of my strength in building lasting friendships, and relationships in my family. 

<The one things I looked at was communication in all areas of my friendships, and what I brought to the table, and what they were lacking in these areas that I was bringing to the table in these friendships.

I then begin to gather different strengths in what kept me holding on to friends. 

1. Was it time spent?

2. Was it the comfort that they brought to my life?

3. Was I settling in just the area of having friendships that did not bring substance to my life? 

Once I place this list in the front  of my mind I had to challenge myself in ways that I normally would not think to do. Why? because I do not like unfriending people in my personal life, and I’m not talking about just on social media I am speaking of disconnecting all the way in real life with them.

Now I want to first state that they are not bad people it is just a decision for my personal growth in my personal journey. Everyone does not see the same outlook on life as i do, and they are not meant to go to my next level of life with me, and this is something that I had to realize on my own. 

There comes a time when friendships outgrown the journey, and there comes a time where it will hurt to say farewell to that friend, but you have to place your purpose above the feelings that you currently feel on the inside of your heart. When God begins to level you up there are two road that you must cross to make it to His level of purpose. 

  1. You have to set aside any dead weight that is going to bind you to your past, and you have to come to grips that it is for the making of yourself purpose.  
  2. Next you have to accept that what God is doing in the making, and breaking of you internally is not meant to harm you but to shape, and make you into what he Has purposed you to be. 

Here are 19 of the best choices that you can make to become a better woman in 2019

1. Stir up your prayer life, and get a deeper relationship with God.

2. Filter out the baggage that you have been carrying around by dealing with the emotional issues of your past. 

3.  Mend fences in your life by learning how to effectively forgive the people that hurt you. 

4. Take a leap of faith, and confront what hinders you from stepping into your purpose.

5. Apply your skills to become your own boss. 

6.Take your hobby to the text level by inviting friends out to join the fun this will help you become more social while deepening your Godly friendships. 

7. Learn when, and why you are saying no. 

8. Discover new places in your city. 

9. Become a resource for your community. 1

10. Shower yourself with one gift per month when you meet you goals. 

11. Take a college course to better yourself.

12. learn the meaning of clear communication in your marriage.  

13. Believe above all else that you are worthy of the calling on your life.  

14. Remind yourself that your past did not bruise you it bettered you as a woman. 

15. Become apart of a support group to help you with things that you currently are going through in your personal life. 

16. Take advantage of your husband in the bedroom. ( You do not need instruction in this area.) 

17. Settle the score in your finances by budgeting your expenses. 

18. Take time to breathe, and learn to love yourself more. 

19. be the peace maker in your home. 

I pray that this 19 steps to becoming a better woman will help you to stay more focused in marriage, ministry, and most importantly in your relationship with the only living God.