In Connection

When I consider everything that I have faced in life, and also in marriage the one thing that keeps coming back to me is connection, and the face that the connection in my mariage has been broken for sometime now is really hitting the brink of my heart.

I find myself crying out to God more than ever to help my husband to see the love in himself, because one can not love another unless they love themeselves so my prayer daily is for God to give my husband a love for Him, and for himself, and a love to love deeply within our marriage. Sometimes things can get tossed around, and thrown back, and back and forrth to the point that it becomes dead, and unwanted.

Recently we have been spending a lot of time apart due to our work schedules, and the fact that he is going out more, and more and I only get to see him when it is tie to go to sleep. I am hurt by this but I am totally placing it on th alter, and waiting on God to fix these issues within my marriages. I am not the same version of myself, and it is not my job to get my husband to see that. Alll I can do is stay before God, and pursue my marriage in prayer.


When things are shifty in my marriage I would normally want out, and this was me coming from a hurtful place, and now that it happening I find myself exchanging my tears for God’s peace, and right now all I am standing on is the word of God that never fails. There’s a lot of things that are taking place within my marriage that I am not happy about…. But I chose to stop complaining, and to start worshipping God through it all knowing that He is going to fight this battle while I stand firm in what He is instructing me to do.


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There used to be a part of me that did not care about living without him, and there also was a big place in my heart to fight hard for my marriage but I never knew how to do it “fight for my marriage.”

Now whle i am in a different place in my marriage where I desire more growth within my marriage my husband is on the fence because he has his reservation about me. He fought for so long to see the beauty in our marriage for years but I was not on the same page as him due to me going through so many haunting unhealed wounds from my past that i took out on my marriage, my husband. I know that there is a lot of repairing on my end, and all i am doing is showing actions of moving forward, and not just talking about it.


Nothing is dead until it is placed in the ground, and I know that my marriage is being revived, and God is orchestrating the most beautiful moments in my love story with my husband. It’s only by faith, and total obedience that God will get the glory from this in my marriage, and I am perfectly connected to the heart of God to feel the heart of my marriage.

Here’s so serious truth ladies!

It does not matter how far gone you think your hussband is gone from your marriage God can still turn it around for you good. My advice is to stop looking at your husband and place your focus on God, and begin to work on yourself.

Pray daily that God will turn your husband’s heart back to your marriage, and that healing will begin, and that unforgiveness will begin to be forgiven. Nothing is going to happen over night. The true work happens on your knees when you are crying out before God asking him to work on you, and not for youto make it a prayer about what your husband did or is doing to you.

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Sometimes the distance sets in even when the two of us are in the same room but the beauty of getting lost in the presence of God to fuel out the bad that the enemy tries to place between my husband, and I will not be so.

Daily we as wives must examine our hearts even before we go before God to make sure that we are in the right spirit before we go before the Father in prayer.

This morning i want you to shift your focus to be in connection with your husband, and no matter how your marriage is right now see it differently in the spiritual realm, and go before God with the spirit of thanksgiving thanking Him for the victory won in your marriage.


This is an actual text that I sent to my hubae on August 16, 2018



I placed my seed in the ground, and I am doing the work as a wife to petition heaven to restore, and refuel the love in my marriage. It’s not all glits & glamorous… But in the end I am going to come out on the winning side elvolving as a wife that put in the work in God, and in my marriage to show God first, and my husband secondly that i am a better woman because I see value in myself as a woman of God, and as a wife to a true man of God in the making.


It’s time to stop Whining & start waring on your knees for your marriage .