Learning why I need him

Last night was not a good night for me and the Mr. we had some word not anything less then placing things into perspective for myself. I thought that Mr. Black was just upset, and angery with me, and I layed in bed as he went to the car to calm down. he told me of the things that bothered him, and I took it as though he was getting tired of me, and I wrestled with this all night long to the point where I was totally uncomfortable.

2 A.M turn to 4;oo A.M until I decided to speak to God about this, and before I could say anything the Holy Ghost clearly said to me I’ll move Heaven, and earth for you if you will just trust my plans for your life. As God encouraged my heart in the early morning He also corrected me in love not took look at my husband words but how he feels, and instantly I knew not to take it personally. What my husband was saying is he desires to see more change in the things that he mentioned that bothered him.

Let’s talk ladies,

whether you are married, engaged or single you need to hear this!

A man isn’t going to tell you the things he feels unless he desires to see a change with in the situation that he is speaking on. Now we as women do tend to get all emotional, and allow our feeling to get the best of us. Bust clearly you know that this approach is not the best one.

this is what I did in my obedience to God. I turned over to my husband, and as a woman I apologized for not seeing his point of view. This calm the storm that as trying to take place, and God gave me sound wisdom on what to do in the future.

Let’s pray. 

Dear God,

We thank you for today, and for giving us another chance to see the value in why we need our husbands. They are here to guide us in ways that we can not see as clearly as we should, and so often we take thing in an offensive way rather than appreciating the push in love that they give us. Lord help us to see our heart the way that our husbands desire us to see ourselves as they do.

I pray these thing in Jesus’ name. Amen.