What I’m Learning In this current Season

Nothing is too hard for God to put back together when you place your faith in Him. 

This season God is showing me that this faith walk is merely is a test of strength, and pure obedience in all things. Nothing that I am going through currently is going to take me out but rather strengthen me for things to come in the upcoming seasons of my life.

God has been so good to me, and I know that when you are assigned to something God will stretch you in a way where you have no choice but to expand your faith, and grow in where God is calling you to.

I know that in life sometimes it may seem like I am  going through, and going through again, and again but I am learning to leverage my trails, and my my praise, and worship to God. see I was once at a low point in my life where when I went through I would just sink, and let the storm beat me, and break me, and when it was over I had no strength left to care about fight through to the next season.

God had to really show me how to be still, and show me how to fight through my sound, and this was the first lesson that I have learned this year is how to raise my authority in my worship, and I am telling you this is one powerful instrument that no one can use but me.

There is nothing like the sound of worship that lingers before God especially when you are going through the rough storm of your life, and you choose to not only give God a praise, but to not look like what you are going through in public, and or behind closed doors. This is called being spiritually mature in God, and this is where I am.

I refuse to lay down in the pit of this storm but I rather be willing to offer up all the praise that I can mustard up, and give it unto God as a sweet smellign fragrance. See I know that my worship has to come from a clean place, and through clean hands with a pure heart, and this is what I have, and thy remain that way because I mind my own business, and I am not consumed by the affairs of business that is not mine to mind.