Do Not Step Into The New Year The Same You

Do Not Step Into The New Year The Same You

The life God has for. you is awaiting on your obedience to Him!

I found out this year that things were not cut out to go my way, because when I did things my way I failed every time, and when I felt defeated the enemy ran all up, and around in my house. I was so tired of settling you bites of freedom to find peace, love, and endurance to stay focused on my Kingdom purpose.


Without God will effectively work for you!

Are you tired of doing things your own way?

What are some of the thing hat you struggle with?

Are there times where you find it hard to lean totally on God’s shoulders, and just cry out to Him?


Many are the afflictions of the righteous!

Sometimes when the storm seems so hard, so dark, and so not worht the fight there arrives the renewed conpassion that God places on the heart of those that He will not let lay down without a fight. You know God loves for His daughters to better themselves in Him by seeking his wisdom through His word.


There are many things that you can apply to not go into the new year the same. Read this to learn more!


Let’s Pray!

Dear Father,

Thank you for lefting our eyes from the rest of our sleep to be apart of this days that you called us to. Today how can your daughters serve you with their pure heart? Is there anything that you want us to focus on that will bring joy to your heart?

Needing to ask for not one thing because you have already settled the score concerning what we have before you. Today let your love speak over us, and pull us through into a new passage in our journey. I stand in the gap for your daughters as they are strarting the fight to make a conscious decision to make you the number one priority in their lives.

May you heal us for what we survived, nay you wash us from our stained past, and may you enclosed our heart with healing for this journey to help other women when their victory in you.

I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen.