It’s Just Hair…. Or Is It?

Sometimes things can be overlooked that can really fester in ones marriage. 


For some time I’ve been playing around with my hair in it’s natural state, and my husband could not stand the fact that I made a decision about my hair that he was not in agreeance with. I felt just like most women in the world it is my hair and I do not need to get a clearance from you ink order to wear my hair the way I choose to: but this is where a small conflict in my marriage cause an even bigger rift between myself, and my husband. I thought as long as I was taking a stand for the way that I decided to wear my hair that eventually my husband would come around to loving the hair that I love wearing not so for years he suggested the style in which he desired for my hair, and for years I ignored him because I purposely wanted my desire more than his desires to see me in the desirable way he intended.


[bctt tweet=”Hair isn’t more important than keeping the state of your marriage intact. Allowing your husband to see you in your most beautiful state in his eyes is so important.” username=”MendTheVow”]

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My advice to you….

Do not let your own selfish opinion of how you desire something outweigh your “husband’s” desire you see you in the way he choices. Have you ever considered that he might find you sexy in the view he needs, and wants to see you wear your hair?

Take the time to unselfishly be more considerate to having a open my when it comes to wearing your hair the way your hubby ask you to wear it.



Until next time ladies.

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