Preparing Your Day

The start of the day to most is the best time to start off with a run, hike or a good breakfast to get their mind balanced enough to get the day off to a right start. But have you considered reaching for your bible before you even brushed your teeth to prpare you for a dynamic day where you are gaining the victory in all things that your hands touch.

Your identity matters so much but if your do not learn of who you are in God than how will you know how to prepare your day against the things that the enemy will try to hinder your day with. Sitting before God in the morning is a reflection of a good sign but you have to do more that just sit before Him you actually have to place action into the relationship daily that you are building with God.


Here are 5 reasons why you should read your bible before you get out of bed

  1. It places Gods word first in your life
  2. It brings connection between your, and the standards in which God declares for you to follow
  3. Knowing the instructions, and hidng them ink your heart so that you will not sin against the laws of God
  4. Comitting daily to grow in the word of God
  5. Bring the armor of God along ith you daily


Let’s pray! 

Dear God,

help us this morning to get before you, and in your word daily so that we can place you above all things more by studying the commandments of the laws in which you have ordained for us to deeply inquire of. Father we desire to know you on a more intimate basis, and God I ask that you strip away all things that will try to stop us from leaping into your word. Give us a deep insight to who your are through your word so that we can abide in it daily, and so that we can reach the lost with the tools that you have imparted into us.