Loving Him God’s Way

I’ve been really before God this week seeking Him on how to be a better me, and how to become a better loving, and more mature wife to my husband. I know in marriage there is no written guide to look upon to give instructions on how a wife should be but I know that with the things that I was use to doing as a wife in my marriage was not working it was only causing major distance, and discord between myself, and my husband.

So i know that in this season i want more out of my marriage, and I knew that it would take great sacrifice to gain the momentum That I desired as a wife; so sometime last month in July I ask God to help me, and He encouraged me to go on a 21 day fast, and I giggled to myself because I knew that this was going to draw more out of me than I wanted it to, but this fast was not what I thought it was going to be. I thought God only want me to fast for my marriage nope He instructed me to fast, and pray for marriages all over the world, and now that I am on day 16 of the 21 days of fasting , and praying for marriages God has been purging everything that is not of him out of me.


Yesterday I must have fallen into a worship from listening to this song titled “Hunger” by David & Nicole Binion my God this worship song is everything. I was crying out to God to make me a better wife, and also for me to love my husband the way God intended for me to love him. after having that ugly cry before the Father i felt so much better, and some of the things that I cried out to God about on last night I mean my God did He show up to my rescue.

[bctt tweet=”God requires more out of Us as wives than sometimes we want to put out. But if you want to see a move of God in your marriage you have to empty out to God all the way” username=”@mendthevow”]

There is no bettter way to love my husband than the way that God requires me too, and I say this because I was loving my husband the wrong way. I mean do not get me wrong i love my husband to pieces, but here’s the thing God showed me my flaws in how I was loving my husband, and how I was selfishly detaching my emotions from my husband when things we going wrong in our marriage; so God had to remind me of the Agape love it is more than unconditional it is a love that only the Father can pour into us that we can then pour out of our heart to others.


I am really grateful to God for picking up my heart, andk placing it back towards the heart of my marriage. I take nothing in this season lightly, and i am very fortunate for each blessing that God has bestowed upon my marriage, and as well on my husbands life, and mine as well.

Here’s some tips wives on loving your husband God’s way

  • Pray for your husband’s day while he is preparing for work
  • Listen to the heart of your husband when he speaks to you
  • Loose the attitude: this was a major game changer for me
  • Prioritize your time in your marriage
  • No cell phone action when you are with your spouse
  • Make sure you are attentive to his wants, needs, and sexual desires
  • Speak lve into your husband daily.

i pray that you shift you focus on what the Father is instructing your heart to do concerning loving your husband in the way that God is leading your heart to love your husband.