A Sinking Hole

A Sinking Hole

God gave me a word this morning to take about sinking holes, and how they affect the inner parts of our being. There are a list of examples below, and after you have read all of these examples, steps, and how to resolve how to get out of these sinking holes continue reading the rest of this post.

What is the cause of sinkholes?

Sometimes, heavy weight on soft soil can result in collapse of ground, resulting in a sinkhole. Sinkholes can also form when the land surface is changed. Areas that have a bedrock made of limestone, salt deposits or carbonate rock are most susceptible to erosion and the formation of such holes.

Are sinkholes dangerous?

Dissolution sinkholes happen slowly and are generally not dangerous, but one that becomes a pond can drain suddenly if water makes it through the protective bottom layer. … Like dissolution sinkholes, cover-subsidence sinkholes happen slowly. The most dangerous type of sinkhole is a cover-collapse sinkhole.

What is at the bottom of a sinkhole?

Sinkholes usually form in Karst terrain, which typically features a bedrock composed of limestone. Limestone is a rock that dissolves fairly easily, at least compared to other rocks. All it takes is very slightly acidic ground water moving through fractures in limestone and the rock begins to dissolve.

Here are the 7 most common signs a sinkhole may appear

  1. A round circular depression in the earth

  2. Localized subsidence or depression anywhere on the property

  3. A circular lake (or a large, deep puddle)

  4. A foundation settling

  5. Cracks in roads or pavement

  6. A sudden drop of well water levels on a site

How do you fix a sinkhole?

Tips for Filling in the Sinkhole
  1. Clean the area. …

  2. Try to determine the extent of the hole by careful excavation and probing.

  3. Incrementally fill the depression with fill soil that has a high amount of clay and low amount of sand. …

  4. Continue this process until the depression is filled in.


There is an inconsistency that the body of Christ in currently in, and because some of us choose to be blind to the things that are killing us spiritually, because we want to feed this flesh instead of trusting God with where He has us.

Why is it so hard to accept the fact that God’s will for your life will not look kthe same as everyone else’s? Why do we continue to live in the state of comparison when God has something designed just for you?

The test is not greater than the testimony, and you have to have victory over adversity. If you can not trust God in the valley how can he trust you in the mountain top seasons. it is time to take the cap off of your mind, and allow God to redesign it with the plans that God has always had in mind for your very life.

There is a fleeting of people that come to God fully on fire, and than something happens in their season, and now they can not handle the assignment that God has trusted them to come through, and stand in it. Who are wek if nothing else but more than conquerors Romans 8:37

Our minds have been filled with a bunch of lies from the enemy to where some of us have forgot what the very voice of God sounds like, and this is the most scariest things that can happen to a child of God to walk in a state of confusion, and not knowing the sound of the voice of their own home.

There has to come a time in the fught in your season that you bold up in your spirit, and tell the enemy that this is it your devices can not trick me any longer, and mean it. Stop breaking from the test, and trails. Yes they hurt, yes they stretch you to the limit, and yes sometimes they seem so unfair, so uncertain, and sometimes what seems to not look like God’s will for your life, but what is not meant for you can not stay in your pathway as long as you are in front of the alter of God.

How to encounter God in your day to day life matters, and if you are not seeking God for His direction for the path in which you need to head towards than something is extremely suspicious in your life, and I say this  with all due respect, but whose control you if not God’s will for your life? Are you aware of the pit falls that you can make in your life if you are not in consistent fellowship with God? Having the mind of Christ is very important to obtain because it brings a resolve to all things when you can know how to react in the spirit to things that are happening around you in the natural.

To be in unity with the Father you must allow yourself to die to your flesh daily, and whatever you can not control you must fast, and pray it out. There are certain rules that God has placed in us that truly belong to Him, and no matter what the cost we must bare them up according to the will that he has set before our lives apart, and together.

A dear passage to remember in times of going through your trail

When he prayed to be released from his weakness, he received this answer: “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Everyone who is born of flesh and blood is weak, but not everyone is aware of his weakness, for they are not God-fearing.

i centainly pray that whatever unrighteous act of sin that you find yourself in that you will turn away from it, and that you will return home fully to the Father, and that you will trust Him to guide you in all truths, and that you will not allow the enemy to twist your thoughts concerning what God has instructed you to do for the Kingdom of God.