Before You Give Up On Your Marriage Read This!!!!!

When God sends a words of reconciliation to your marriage it often thought of as a rapid response from heaven, and in most cases the wait can seem impossible when God is not moving as you think that he should. But what you have to understand is that the things that God is turning around in your marriage has patience invovled, with God working in eternity you can not fight against what needs to happen.


Over the summer in 2018 my marriage was going through a hardship of trust issues, lack of care, and lack of respect on my end towards my husband. He kept asking me to change, and I kept feeling like he needed to change, and not myself; so as things started to go further down hill I begin to see him less, and less to the point where he stop coming home, and when he did come home it was onlty to shower , and get dressed for work, and at this tie I was trying to change the beat of the drum when it came to how I taklk to him, and how i treated him as a man. I was doing all the things that he was asking me to do when he was still in the home before it got extra, and out of hand.


By then it was entirely way too late he check out mentally, and I was left feeling wrecked in my own feeling uncertain of what, and what would become with the rest of my life. I thought I was going to move through life following a path of my own, but then God started talking He gave me the secret sauce of how to fight the good fight of faith where m husband soul. He instructed me that my marriage was in shambles, but the key to the promise of my marriage was through my total obedience; so as my husband was out of the home, and not checking for me God begin to slowly get my attention when He told me to go on a 21cday fast not just for my marriage but for marriages all across this world.

I was in no place to fast on behalf of someone else’s marriage in the thought that formed in my mind, and i realy did not have enough strength to jump on a fast that would require my undivided attention. Honestly all i wanted was my husband, but God pursued me some more, and i stp saying no, and as the days went on my heart grew a little more hopeful concerning the hopes of being reconciled back with my husband, and having a loving, and happy marriage. I know that the road to this path was not going to be a easy one; so I was learning as God was leading my feet to move in the direction that He was laying for my feet to travel on.


It began with a yes Lord, and a small amount of faith that was all I could mustard up after crying for weeks over the thoughts of me loosing my husband, the one person that I knew God sent in my life to love me. But God was revealing so much more in me that i knew, and it would take a matter of six months of praying, fasting, and standing to see the full plot that the enemy tried to cover my husbands eyes with. See what we as wives do not understand is that we have the spiritual authority to pray against what tries to form in our husbands lives, and in, and round about in our marriage.


August 2018 is where God showed me my strenth in the familiar places of how to pray in the mind the things that bind us apart, and when He commanded me to stop looking just at missing my husband, and trying to just fixate on my marriage a real light blub went off in my head concernig the bigger plot of the enemy he not only wanted to distance my husband from our marriage but he wanted his life. i really started to war in the spirit, and as God started placing people in my life to fight with me I begin to build the spiritual gates around me that would deny access to the enemy.


September is where I gained more spirital ground to fight from a place where it just was not about myself, but I started to fight for my husband, for his heart, for his happiness in God, and for his ministry. God says in his word that a wise woman builds up her house , and a foolish woman tears it down. Proverbs 14:1

October 2018 taught me how to uncloud my judgement, and how to get out of the way of God by not doing what He can ony do on behalf of my marriage. i learned the errors of my ways, and I fell a lot of times in trying to make my husband come home. I paid his car not, and I was still paying his cell phone bill kafter God told me to stop trying to make him stay. There was a lot of things that God wanted to do for both of us in this time apart, and I had to learned this lesson the hard way.

November had to be onek of the hardest months for me as a wife it had been close to weeks since i had laid eyes on my husband, and I never thought that the day would come where I had no psychical control in not being able to roll over in bed to cuddle up to my husband. i was so vexed inside my spirit of the ways that I thought on of how I talked to him, and how I pushed him away.

December is where i matured the most in God. i felt the turn around in my favor when I really let God lead my heart back to the heart of Him. i had no errors, no fault finding where my husband was concerned, and for the most part I was so ready for him to return home but I knew that I had to wait for God to sound the alarm in heaven, and for Him to open the door for my husband to come home.


So here we are in January 2019

  1. the tears flowed
  2. the preparation of making ready our home comfortable for my husband has been done
  3. the forgiveness on my end has been done
  4. the instruction of God to me concerning the return of my husband has been laid out to me
  5. favor has been found in God’s heart for me in my marriage to be reconciled
  6. the defeat of the strange woman has been sent out on the battle field of prayer for her to depart in all areas of my husbands life
  7. Now the waiting is coming to an end.


So what now?

Whie God is still dealing with my husband, and tearing down the rest of the enemy camp I am rising up givig God thank for all that he has taught me, and for all that he is doing and will do in my marriage.



You can not just sit unprepared, and without expectation you have to really address you own fault, your own issues, and your own insecurities while being ready to fight like a woman of God who will not allow a strang woman to play house with your husband whom God has given you for a lifetime.