The Intentions

The Intentions

Some say that the intent of the heart is based on how, and what it has been through, and I agree to a certain extent. I just have a way of clarifying the odds of my heart like: what it shows to the outside world regardless of the stains on my heart I still choose to alllow my heart to lead others’ to love, and to wholeness.

The majority of people bleed from the pain that they have experienced in their lifetime, and very few evert cope, and heal from the heart that their heart has endured. 


I remember how furious I use to feel about unforgiveness lingering around in my heart. I thrive on it, and I even once vowed to God that I would never forgive certain people that caused me some of the deepest pain of my life. I was so emerced in the actual cause of pain that I allowed it to develop certain characteristics in my behavior.

This sydrome carried over from my young adult life to my mature adulthood, and I did not know that I needed to really focus on it then, and now to avoid any further pitfalls into my life as a woman. I thought that getting passed my past was going to be one of the hardest things I have ever encountered, but the more effort I placed on just allowing my life to live in a transparent place the more authentic I have become in my daily living.


Here’s what I have learned in being authentic in my life, and showing up even when I feel like I want to hide under a rock for a while. 


  • It’s okay if I do not completely know myself the way i thought I did as a woman
  • It’s okay if I refuse to completely dismiss myself in order for my purpose to flow
  • it’s okay if I stumble sometimes in order to to finish in this race called life
  • It’s okay if I am imperfectly perfect, there’s a reason that I am flawed
  • It’s okay if I have to reassure myself of God’s love for me while in this fight



A lot of times there are fights that I face that are way to huge for me to handle, and at times there are some that I just loose because there is not enough prayer reeling from my lips. The encounter to change the way i see myself is a big factor for me; because I want to see myself as God sees me, it is however hard at times because the woman reflecting back at me in the mirroe looks tired, warn, and emotionally unavailable.

There’s this things I’ve been applying to my life….. And it’s the freedom of the mind to do anything even if I am Scared of doing it! 


Ladies it’s times to stop making excuses, and it’s time to stop allowing all of these distractions to rule over what you know you where build to do on Purpose. 


How fearfull are you to do what God has mandated on your life Vs. what people will think of you if you just reached in your heart, and really dug deep in the pit of your pain, and just allowed it to speak to heal this dying world that you are living in?


In this race of life in the Kingdom I’ve learned that….. I must Run The Race is Not Given to the Swift Nor the Strong . . . Run Your Race – Hebrews 12:1-2


A focused mind to free my heart! ( Agreeing to forgive.) Listen below….