A Prayer To End Domestic Violence

A Prayer To End Domestic Violence

Sunday morning at 2:57 A.M i found myself calling the police after being jump on by someone that I was seeing that I thought I was going to be with for the remainder of my life here on earth. What begin as a simple no to him when he asked could i drive him to the store because he was intoxicated already, and I was in the house about to head to sleep This was around 11:00 P.M I was not about to go outside because it was cold,, and I was desitring to get into the word of God.

I never seen this side of a person in my time of being in a relationship just go off the deep end just because someone rense to change there mind from saying yes i’ll take you to the store, and then 10 seconds later calls you, and says never mind i do not feel like coming out of the house.


God was preparing me before this happended he cautioned me to get out of the room , and to head to the living room. This is where I normally sleep to take y time out with God, and to just chill to collect my thought, and for the most part the living room is where i structure my day.

For some odd reason he got very upset with me for not taking him to the store. He proceeded to come up stairs, and he begin to talk about how he felt about me changing my mind about taking him to the store. I told him it was not that big of a deal, and he begin to get even more bothered about it. he left, and came back even more intoxicated than he was before, and he started talking, and I started to really see that this is not something that I want to continue in. “The relationship.” 


I knew it was the wrong relationship just based on how we came together it was sin, and there was no other way to look at it. I was praying, and seeking God about sign if this was his will or was I just following my heart, and every morning that I would wake up God would lead me to a scripture on adultery.

This really started to bother me, but it seemed like the more, and more i would ask God to get me out out this sin the more my flesh was desiring the sexual deeds of this sin. I was trapped in the flesh, and my spirit was dying because of my disobedience to God.


when he came back in the house around 2:30 A.M he was just talking all over the place, and I stop him by stating I do nor want to be with you any more. my why for this is simply it does not align with my life in God. He got mad, and started calling me out of my name, and he started to just look at me differently, and at this point I was not scared because I did not know what he was actually on.

When he heard the words from me of stating i do not want to be with you anymore he got so pissed of at me, and he chuncked a whole 1 gallon full water bottle at me, and luckly it missed me, and he seemed to feel some type of way because it missed me.

He came over to where I was, and he started to tug on me, and he jumped on me, and ladies I was terrified seriously. I got my phone, and begin to dial 911, and he just got even more mad, and if it was not for my mother coming to my rescue when she did more harm to myself could have been done. This shook me to my core, and now I am in complete defense mold.

The police showed up, but of course he ran before they made it to our residence, and the police just simply stated they could not do anything, and just informed me to get a restraining order. The system to protect women, and men that suffer in domestic violence relationships have no help.

What if I was the only one home that night with him? And what it something horrible would have happened to me? I do not want to think about it but it’s time that we do soemthing to stop the silence, and to stop thinking that it is ok for someone to place their hands on us.


If you in an abusive relationship please reach out by calling

you can also send e-mails to HopeForTheHealing@gmail.com


Let’s pray!


Dear Father,

This morning is really a tender moment in the lives of everyone that has been subjected to the hands of domestic violence, and this morning I want to ask that you take the hearts of the one’s that has been a victim both past present, and sad to say even future victims may you show them who this person is before they even get involved with them, and the women that feel like they can’t get out please show them the way out, and provide them with the necessary resources so that can begin again. I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen