What Does Not Matter Do Not Mind It

What Does Not Matter Do Not Mind It

In today’s audio you will hear measures on how to push through your circumstances, and how not to allow the enemy to prey on your ears while you’re in this dry / wilderness season. You have to know that God will come through for you. But what are you doing in the mean time while you’re waiting? Are you doing the things that God has instructed you to do? Are you pushing pass everything that is meant to break you down? What’s motivating you to keep pressing into God’s love?

Here are some jey points to take away from todays message.

  • know how to pull away from social media when you are going through a rough season, and pray
  • Learn to feed your spirit, and starve your flesh
  • Be clear on what your expectations are when you are seeking God
  • Know how to exist any situation that is stomping your growth spiritually
  • Learn to take time to care for yourself, and to take a deep breath when things are going heywire in your life
  • be very mindful to allow yourself to handle the pressure but do not allow the pressure to over take you.

When Gos is shifting you into another season sometime it could be hard to shift with it but you have to rake into account that all things are workinh together for your good, nd that God will never put anymore on you that you could bare. so.be encouraged sis, and know that God has everything under control.

S/N It is always good to have a sister in Christ that will pray with you, and that will ecourage you on your journey. Never be afraid to reach out to someone that you can trust the God in them to pray, and encourage you while your in this season of transitioning.


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