The Habits Of Your Purpose

The Habits Of Your Purpose

Hey Kingdom women of God! 

Today is another blessed Monday, and we have encountered another day to break into a deeper place in stepping into our purpose. 

Here are 5 points of healthy habit to break deeper into your Kingdom purpose. 

  • Set a time out every single day to spend time before God, and in your devotion time in His word.
  • Discipline yourself in your time to spend in your ministry daily.
  • Make a ministry schedule tackling your ministry duties for the week, and give yourself the permission to have the weekends off.
  • Play worship music in the backgroud while you are working to break any distraction around you.
  • Write an encouraging scripture on a sticky note a place it in eye view to meditate on when your feeling tire, and weighted down. This will help you press in to finish your day strong.



Once you start recognizing your strength, and you begin to rapidly grow into your daily ministry routine you will find yourself flourishing more, and more in your purpose.

Be well ladies.