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The noisiest sounds of the voices rise up of the innocence blood 🩸 of a black ppl that has been taken away by other…
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Someone forward this to my attention on TikTok and I’m just spreading the word PLEASE DONT GO TO THE SAN DIEGO, CA…
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#MorningScope Black Community check in. For daily encouragement visit
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After The Pain Of It All ​
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The same antics will open the same attire to your life. ~ Jereè  #PushThrough 

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She brings your vision to life

This woman of God is anointed and gifted in the area of branding ! You can just give her a glimpse of your vision and she will literally bring it to life !

Laneice On building your brand

My Bestie

How you impacted my life before we met in person

My hitta in the spirit!! The way the Lord used you before I even laid eyes on you blew my mind !!!I’m like ummm Lord you told a complete stranger my whole business OK ?????You have kept me in check even when I didn’t want to be checked and for that I’ll always be grateful. you showed me the difference between a friend of history and a divine connection

Laneice Joseph

My Bestie

A Birthday Wish

A Very Happy Soul Return To You, Jeree!

Throughout this ENTIRE Birth Year, BE Determined To Seek Out, Search For and Serve Your Highest Good Mastered Self Goals and Desires.

BE Purposeful In Becoming The Cause That You Know That You Are and Expand Your Circle of Influence.

BE Progressively Positive In All Thought, Word and Deed and Experience Prosperous Outcomes In Your Every Association, Situation and Endeavor!

INJOY This Most Amazing Birth Year Ever!

Mark Edward Pyle

A True Birth Wish

A birthday wish

Happy birthday, Jereè! I wish for all of your wishes to come true.

From Myown Holmes

A wish fro you

Mrs. Janice On My Congrats

WOW!! Praise God! Lots of great things going on for you and I’m so happy to hear about the reconciliation. Praying for your new endeavors. ?Be safe and stay in touch so we can celebrate those wins with you. ????

Janice of Purposeful Marriage

Keep winning, and keep in touch

Carolyn Johnson I’m choosing a friend

Jereè Speaks Do not settle for nothing less then What God has purposed planned pre-determined before the foundations of the Earth… something that can only be revealed through the spirit..
Flesh temporal amusement…in other words when folks are assigned to our lives its revealed through the Spirit which is your true self … you live in a body but the Spirit is the TRUE man.. therefore in choosing friendships we have to weigh them out for the spiritual ramifications versus having a friend just to help his friends……RIGHT?

Carolyn Johnson


From Tina Lee on Caring for a stranger

Thank you for being so nice to me and looking out for me a 71 year old lady traveling alone. You prove that there kind loving young people in the world who do care about older people. Thank for being that persons. I pray that MOST HIGH bless you to live your bess life.

Tina Lee

A New friend to remember

Brittany Abraham On Sticking It Through In This Season

You’ve helped me in so many ways in this season, and in past seasons since we’ve net. There has never been a time where i’ve called you that you never not answered my calls, and listened to my hearts cry. You are a true sister in Christ, and I love you sis.

Brittany Abraham

Sister In Christ

Laneice On Being A better Friend

Your transparancy is  the reason I’m here and I’ll never let you forget it ❤️ your real ness drew me in That’s something I’ll never second guess ! I told you , you taught me how to be a better friend. Being your friend challenged me to grow up and think differently

Laneice Joseph

My bestie


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