After The Pain Of It All ​

After The Pain Of It All ​

After the pit falls of the pain that I’d experienced in that past relationship it caused my heart to never look at love in the same way that I once did. Jereè – Founder of Mend The Vow



I left with barely the clothing that I had on my back, and with whatever I could gather in my personal legal paperwork. My life was now in shambles, and I was a 24 year old back at square one in my mothers house alone in the room with my thoughts honestly missing how him, and I once was before it got to all of the abuse, curse words, and weapons healed to my throat.


i never knew that my heart could be shattered in a million little pieces from someone that promised that they’d never do me grimy. I know now that the discretions of a hidden agenda of a man can never be seen fully in the game of street love.

There is a saying “promises are meant to be broken.” And for what it’s worth his promises as I look back were  to only blind me in the submission of his rules. I did not know that he was a complete maniac.


Love is a dangerous place to be free in you never know where it will lead you if you are not with whom you are meant to be with. The freedom to choose or to have the way lead for you are two major key factors of how your heart can bleed or bloom in love.


Nowadays I am learning how to shield my heart, and really focus on my internal healing. I am currently single, saved, and satisfied in my life serving God with my whole entire heart, and repointing my heart to Him daily.

Here’s a major side note: I use to tremble when I would think about the ex that caused all the past pain in my life but as I got older, and as I desired to heal, and forgive it did something in my soul I sought peace, and I made it a levitate Point to soar In God rather that linger in my sorrow.


I take nothing of this experience for granted, and I know that my life is worth so much more than a knife held to my throat, and or a gun being shoved in my face because I wanted to disarm the relationship because it was at a all time sinking point.

I never thought I could survive without him sis, but I am currently, and effortlessly unbothered in my life. This season of pain backed dated to 2004 – 2006. We met in 2001, and  I was thrilled to exitst in that relationship once upon a time but now it is the total opposite.

If you are in a abuse relationship please know that you have the strength to rise up, and leave. Your face is not meant to be use as his punching bag. You are made in the image of God, and he does not want to see His daughter hurt, mess treated, and left stranded in love, and in heartache.


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