5 Things A Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married

5 Things A Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married

So many women dream of the day that they will be standing next to the man of their dreams saying their many endless moments of forever captured in their vows wrote days and lifetimes before the actual meeting, and courting of their prince charming. I never intended on getting wrapped in all the formal deeds of the marriage rings, because I knew that I didn’t fit into that circle, but my plans in life always get changed around by God.

If I had to do it all over again I would have waited to get wedded to the love of my life, because I had some much baggage that I carried along with me, and as I sit here thinking about the things in my life that I never even psychically dealt with I than felt guilty of being of wanting to start this knew life with someone without resolving the deep hurts that was surround my heart.

I ended up being cold heart’d to the very person that I vowed to cherish ad love for an eternity.

How could I be so selfish to think that an unhealed heart could move forward into a marriage that was so knew and so undeserving of this shallow heart that could not give somethings that was required in the I do’s that I had pledge to my knew husband.

Here is my 5 things a woman must do, before she gets married.

Take care of any lingering baggage.

Take Care of your broken heart.

Take out time to love yourself.

Take time to make sure that all past relationships has been put to rest.

Take time to travel.

Taking the time to seek the 5 keep steps will ensure that you will have a long lasting marriage, and that you will be fully available to be the wife that God has designed you to be. It’s not fair to your potential husband to come into a marriage with

Trust issues

Lack of love for yourself

Insecurities from what old ex lovers have left on your heart.