A Wife’s Prayer

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No Matter What Comes I’m Standing In The Gap For My Husband

Yesterday was the first day in a long while i cried because I had to admit to not only to myself but say it out loud to God that I miss my husband.  There has been times in this season where ...
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Healing While Pruning The Scars On The Heart

There is a silent cry that lingers in my heart that weeps for the heart of my husband but there is a God that knows that heart of Man, and He is there when I fall apart. Sometimes I cry a lot ...
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Understanding Your Husband

What is understand?  Understanding is a form of love which love is an action based on the good encouters of your heart towards someone, and it should be the way in the connections with your ...
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Opening The Door Way Too Your Husnad’s Heart

What I have learned over the years as a wife is to learnn how to be kind in areas where i want to disturb my husbands peace in the flesh because of an agrument or some petty nature of the female ...
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On & Off The Court Of Prayer

Guest Blog Written By: Laniece Joseph Play Your Position Have you ever sat and watched a NBA play off game? In most cases you'll find in the beginning of the game, the teams are neck and ...
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The Fruits Of The Promise

With grace God provides us with His truth in knowing that if we shall wait on His words of what is to come then we will not worry about the things that surround us. The furits of God's promise ...
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