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Behind Mend The Vow

Seretse And Jereè  Black

Seretse And Jereè Black

We want to welcome you to Mend the Vow! We are Seretse and Jereè Black Why did we get married? The rules of ...


Just in case you were curious… Why do you write? I have kept on writing for three reasons: 1) It’s my purpose – ...
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our ...
Write For Us

Write For Us

Mend The Vow is looking for creative and motivated contributing writers. We would LOVE to hear your story! We do ...

Mend It

If It’s Broken Mend It Until It Becomes Whole Again!
    • Hey you! Yes you the one who's eyes are reading this post. So! You'vke been thinking that your marriage does have what it takes to survive what you put it through. Right? Let me start off by telling you ...
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