Are You Dragging Your Feet In This Season?

Are You Dragging Your Feet In This Season?

I have been finding myself in a lot of disconnecting situations, and as of late I have been also remaining somewhat consistant in fighting my way through it all while trying to figure everything else out in my personal, and spiritual life.


I keep going back, and forward on things that I have before God, and this is becoming absolutely unhealthy for me. I tend to be firm on what I stand on, but recently I have been questioning myself, and basically where I am, and where I am actually headed in life, in ministry, in my personal relationships ect.


There has been this constant need for me to be in the the Word of God, and I have not felt like this in a long time, because often I have allowed my flaws, and my personal struggles keep me away from what I know that will keep me holding fast to God’s unchanging hand.


But here is the things that trips me up…. I tend to live in the dark patches of my feelngs while knowing that I should not be lead by my feelings, nor what tries or does distract me from my daily purpose which is only found in the source of God.



i am currently learning how to surrender to God again, and it is not easy since this season has been half spiritual, and half fleshly. I know that I will not die in this, and this is why the fight is so real for me as of right now.  There seem to be something waring on the inside of me where I can hear my spirit interceding for me on not giving up on my purpose. I feel like this climb has been long, and uneasy, but it is so worth the stride to get to the other side of my destiny in God.


I need t shed some layer, and grow into a better woman daily to flourish in everything that is coming up ahead in the next phases of my life. This journey has revealed a lot of things about myself that I highly dislike, and I know that I can not keep placing these red flags about myself on the back burner. I am going to be very intentional about self-care, and what I allow in my personal life.


We benefit from knowing the True & Living King by Conforming to His Will, and by leaving our will behind. Jereè – Founder of Mend The Vow


Here are some truths that I noticed!

  1. There is no quick fixes when it comes to realigning yourself back into your rigthful place in Kingdom of God.

  2. You cannot escape prayer, and think things are going to just be made whole in your life.

  3. Worship is apart of breaking the chains in your life.

  4. Feeding your spirit is a daily process.

  5. You have to resist every part of your flesh that tries to arise in your life.

  6. Kill the need to always be right, and learn to humble yourself by not yeilding your voice to things that does not need your opinion on.


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