Are You Listening To His Sound?

Recently there has beeen a redirection in my spirit but my mindset has not been latching on to the directions of where God has instructed me to go. I have been lazy in answer the call lately because I want more of what I need instead of what he needs me to do. 

This is so out of order! with how my spirit would normally respond to the instructions of God. I have been so in the dumps lately that the only thing i will not hold back is my praise to God, and even that has been a challenge to enter into. I read my bible daily, and I constantly surround my ears gates with worship music…. So my question to myelf is….. Whatk is lingering in my heart more that I have my focus on more than God?


To answer this you have to understand what I am going through, and what I am standing on but what i am not fully walking in is the structure of my obedience to God, and my focused faith in praise that i am no longer living in the moment but i am excited about the praise offered up to God. This is where I need to be on a daily basis in order to fulfill my increase of praise to God on this journey. 

I always find myself trying to perfect all that I am going through by living in a coud of unerved emotions and or in the mall purchasing gadgets to sooth my pains of waiting on the wait of my circumstances to change in all aspects of my life that are not going in my favork in this current moment. but what i have to remember is that God is already moving on my behalf, and while I am going through the ringer of elements to change my mindset to see visually the spiritual insight that God has for me to see I can climb up to the hill, and not be moved from this place.


Yesterday while going into a place of worship where freedom rested in the atmosphere God challenged me to praise Him for real where i was not just going through the emotional standards of worship, and this hit a tide in my path that remove a huge mountain out of my way, and I shouted until i was tossed by the wall in the spirit unhurt, and closer to the lesson being taught to me by God.


At times i know that i be wildin’ out in my own way runninkg here, and there, and not giving my full attention to the things concerning the heart of God. I feel so consumed with the things that I want to do, and that pleases my life that I get stuck on this self will, and this is not a good thing that is pleasing in the sight of God; so here is where thie things change in my focus to where i need it to shift to.


When I hear the sound of God voice it does not matter how i feel I will run to Him, and listen for the sound of His instructions for my life daily. i will not back away when things get to heavy nor when they seem to outweigh what i thought was the right turn. I will be the right way in what God is ordering in my life. 

So I have made up in the center, and all the corners of my heart, mind, body, and soul to get out of hibernation, and carry on with these hand that He has anointed to walk in places, and snatch His people back out of the place where the light will enter into these dark places.


Are you listening to the sound of the Holy Ghost? 

What is distracting you, and how can we gear up together to ignite Gods sound in your life today. Let me know below in the comment section….