Be Set Free

I have one quest for you this morning!!!!! 

Are you tired enough to praise your way out of your situation, and allow your praise until God to Set you free? 

This morning I really was not feeling like getting in the presents of God let alone being in a place of worship but what I did next helped me exchange some setbacks in my praise for some prophetic  setups in God.

God is close to the broken hearted Psalms 34:18 

If you have been going through some tough times in this season in your life, and in your spiritual life now is the time to surrender your praise to God so that he can manifest the victory in battle that he is fighting for you.



Let’s pray!


Dear God,

Surround our hearts today, and bring us into your courts with thanksgiving. Fill us with compassion for ministry again, and bid us to do your will, and not the will of our own desires. I know that your ways are more true, and more righteous than the ways that I can ever have. I pray that you do it all for us again. I pray these thing in Jesus name. Amen!