Bitter And Betrayed

One of the best kept things about feeling is they can be well hid without the detection of accuracy where people are concerned. but what about God? He knows the heart that lives within your temple. He knows whether your heart is heavy of if he needs to comfort it.

When i thought of how i was betrayed by my husband last ear after the affair I thought to myself, and said to myself that there was no way I would ever forgive him this as even after God reconciled our marriage back together. I refused to forgive him even when I said from my mouth to his ears that i uttered the words I forgive you to my husband.

The betrayal of intimacy with another person wrapped in the bed that was only meant for myself, and my husband tore into the most sacred parts of my heart. I felt like giving up on God, and I felt betrayed by Him as well in the begging of it all.

I did not know t=how to feel about letting go of this bitterness because I had no idea it still existed until this morning. I was walking around battling others things in my life when the one thing that has been hidden within my heart was the very thing that was choking my marriage from healing wholly


Nothing can stop you from healing a bitter heart other than yourself! 

What are some of the challenges that you face when finding yourself in a place of wanting not to be bitter about something in your marriage but you can not seem to let it go?


Let’s pray!

Dear God,

This day will be the day that i come before you, and ask that you search my life of all things that are making me bitter from the past, and in this current moent. Nothing can stop me  from healing a bitter my heart other than myself; so God along the way of every step today I ask that you will shut down every door of bitterness that will try to linger in my life.

I ask that you will heal every area of hurt from my past to my present, and that you will allow this bitter to leave from my marriage, and that I will no longer be a victim of being betrayed, and being a woman of a bitter heart. I ask that you restore what my bitterness has detrailed in my marriage, and that I will find true forgiveness from this affair, and towards forgiving my husband in whole, and right way. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.