Breaking All Barriers

Breaking All Barriers

This morning I want to talk about internal emotions, and how it can sufficate the process of where God may want to take you vs. what your frame of mind is telling you to focus on.

Last night I was in a little pickle, and it got the best of me. I had a long day with the kids, and I spent sometime watching television with my husband, and I ended up falling asleep. Now mind you I was in a deep slumber when all of a sudden I feel a tap on my leg saying get up and get in the bed.

At this point all I saw was red; because my sleep was interrupted, and all I wanted to do was blow the trumpet of anger. This is how I am when it comes to my sleep, and I didn’t care of what, and how my husband felt, about how I was acting because he wke me up.

This caused us to go to bed angered at each other, and for us to wake up in the same mind set, and I was going to stay that way until God soften my heart I got up, and redirected my focus on what mattered.

breaking the barrier of not allowing my mind to stay in the same focal point made a huge difference; because God took charge; because he reigns, and is the ruler over my being. I could have been a tipical mean wife, but the grace of God was, and is always sufficient in all manners of my life.

If you are facing any barriers that are blocking you from reaching what you are needed to do in this world concerning life, ministry, marriage, or anything that is holding you back from allowing God to have His way fully in your life then I suggest that you remove the barriers, and surrender it all to God this morning.

Lets Pray!

Dear Lord, this morning i thank you for the peace that surpasses all understanding, and for all barriers that are being broken inside of me, and my sisters today. I ask that you strengthen our minds, hearts for the spaces that you are inlarging for us to journey into. Break all barriers of defeat where our lack of communcation with others is concerned.. I pray these thngs in Jesus’ name. Amen!



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