Broken Pieces Do Mend

Broken Pieces Do Mend

Hey you! Yes you the one who’s eyes are reading this post.

So! You’vke been thinking that your marriage does have what it takes to survive what you put it through. Right? Let me start off by telling you that any state that your marriage is currently in can be peiced back together by you gethering the strength, and much needed courage to surrender althat you are facing in your marriage, and deliver it to God. It is just that simple. Or is it?

There is nothing more daunting than the fear of a failing marriage with little or no foundation to stand on, and no one to spill your guts out to. Well there is this space between your pride, and the will to succeed with an intended purpose for your marriage.

The most sacred coversation concerning your marriage often happens while tapping into the heart of your spouse daily. Click To Tweet

i do not know about you, but I know that my marriage needs the strength of God daily to keep it afloat, and it also needs healthy conversation, patiece, love, gentleness, and much laughter.

What I recently found out about my marriage is it lacks the ability to hear well while anger is chasing its way through, and fortunately what i found to work for me is to remain silent even when I want to shred my husband apart with my words. Being silent in the focus to not ignite an even greater agreement is the element of pure control of self, and this was not, and has not been easy for me to do, but I place it on my nonnegotiable list of things that I need to stay in place of my self as a wife I am determined to do better for my self first, and secondly for my marriage.

The heart is truthful… But the lips speak lies!

Normally when I use to get deeply upset with my husband I would sink to a level of disrespect that would make one call the national guard out, But in retospect i have learned to turn a new leaf when my anger tries to take over.

Here’s so patiental characterictics to think about concerning your marriage. 

  1. Are you pointing the finger more often than you are looking to see if your are the cause of the problem? 
  2. Are you easily triggered to defending yourself agaist what your spouse when communicating in your marriage? 
  3. Are you pushing away the problems in your marriage? 
  4. Are you pinning everything on your spouse? 
  5. Are you hesistant about being apologetic? 
Seeing your ugly reflection in the eyes of your spouse can be a hard pill to swallow, but swallow it any how, and work on. becoming a better you for your marriage. Click To Tweet

Before you can set the foundion of your Broken Pieces Do Mend journey you have to have a unapologetic conversation with your spouse, and not one of those heart to heart moments where there truth is somewhere in one of your lies. I mean you have to have a raw unbias, truthful, hurt so bad conversation about how to broken the pieces to what spouses heart, and allow them to have questions, and allow yourself to trutlly answer them with honesty, and please do not have a lack of concern where you are allow yourself to get frustrated.

When I set out on this quest to see if at all of fixing the broken pieces to my broken marriage i first had to be clear of my part in sabotaging the love, happiness, trust in my marriage.

Now mind you I was not the one who had the affair, and i want to be very clear about this i am in no way nor will i ever place my husband on blast for what took place I have wholeheartedly forgiven him, and now we are in the healing stages of mending. what is broken in our marriage.

If you want the broken pieces of your marriage to be mended back together the appropriate way than I urge you to take the alotted time needed to work on yourself, and work on your marriage it has to be a dual course in order for this to work out the correct way.

Let’s Close Out in Prayer

Dear Lord,

This morning i come before you asking that you take our heart for our marriages, and turn in over to you to place a heavenly stamp of correction within our new assignments in our roles in our marriage. i ask that I personally will never retract or retreat from this assigned place where i am journeying in becmoming a better me for myself first, and my marriage secondly. I pray these things in Jesus’ name Amen.

Silence wrecked our marriage. Unhealed wombs divided us. Unkept vows separated us. Hello! My name is Jereè and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a wife as I start the process of mending the pieces of my broken marriage with God’s help by sharing my life #UnMended. God inspired the name “Mend The Vow” which means repair (something that is broken or damaged)  Relationship with God and with our husbands. It is based on the Scripture in 2 Chronicles 24:12. My hope is to encourage other wives in the world who are, have been separated,and want to mend their marriage back together.