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Unsettled Thoughts

Unsettled Thoughts

Thoughts that linger in the back of your mind are often thoughts that are unsettled, and unprocessed. – Jereè Speaks 

When you are undecided of what you want to do with the measure of your time you become uneasily bothered with not being settled in some areas in you life, and sometimes this can cause a devided against you moving forward in the things that you are suppose to be functioning in where your purpose in concerened.


have you ever thought about being more established but not having the core mindset tools to get you to where you would like to be? Well that use to be me sometime ago I did not have the time or the readiness to walk in the things that God was calling me to do. I would make up any excuse that I could to not fully be in alignemtn with the Kingdom assignments that has been placed over my life.

I was so ready in my heart, but in som many areas of my mind there were things, thoughts, and unhealed wounds that were unsettled, and they needed immediate attention before i could even think about moving ahead in anything that I wanted to pursue or so i thought.


When i fought against the things that God told me to do the more, and more I found myself falling by the waste side of life, and the more I really got into a world of mess of my own. There were times where I would look at myself, and think to myself… Why are you doing this to yourself girl?

I did not want to be like the rest of them lost without someone to come, and save ne. Nope i wanted to be the example privately ( in God’s view only) so that I can go back, and save the lost one’s. But God had a different plan. He was going to publicy use my mess for His message, and i somehow was in agreece with His plan lol.


I was at a time where i was so messed up in the head that all I wanted was to be rescued by God, and accept what He has purposed for my life. This was over 4 years ago, and my life did not get better in the blink of an eye just because i chose to accept God’s will for my life. Now there was some deep deep cleasing that had to take place, and there was some major forgiveness that had to come from within my heart for the people in my past that used, and abused me.

I want to say this to all of God’s daughters that are currently or have battled with giving God a yes to serve Him. Nothing is going to be easy whether you are in the world dancing on the enemy’s playground, and or whether you take a leap of bold faith, and answer the call to serve God with your whole heart things will not be perfect but I can tell you this being with God, and living a life poured out unto Him is so worth it knowing that we are covere by the Father ( see Psalms 91.)

Walking Away When It Counts The Most

Walking Away When It Counts The Most

These past few nights have been really revealing what God has been preparing me for, and sometimes it gets lonely walking down this narrow road by myself. -Jereè Founder of Mend The Vow 

When I think of hw God has pulled me through some many things in my life all I can do is sigh, and let out a whew God you did that.


Reflecting on where, and when God told me to release people, and the fight to stand with an obedient heart. I went through a season of learning of fake friends that were in my circle, and I could not see it but God did. There were things that were discussed behind my back, and when it came to the forfront i was so hurt because I did not expect it to be the people that I called friend. 


All I remember doing is locking myself away in prayer, and depending solely on God t heal this inner pain that just rushed into my heart. I had to emotionally disconnect, and physically move on with my life. There was no turning back from the betrayal that had took place. 

I use to be so afraid of loosing people because I grew up not having people that were close in my life so as I grew into adulthood I value being around people even when they sneak dissed me, and did somethings that were off the wall. I wanted a place to belong, and I wanted to really feel connect but it was the wrong people that I continually gave access to my heart. 


Sometimes in life people can give you a series of mistreatments, and the value in the lessons that you learn in the timing of those certain experience will teach you how not to allow people to treat you. 

I had to learn who I was in God again after taking a lot of blows from people in my life, Once God showed me how I needed to be treated it raised the bar of how I disallowed others to treat me. #KingdomMade

My advice to you is that if you are fighting to release someone from your life that God has spoken to your heart to remove out of your life I encourage you to obey God, and trust His plan for your life in this season sis. 


My confidence was rebuilt in God, and here is how I am refecting on it:

I’m a one of a kind soul branded by Rapha. I can’t be duplicated, and can’t no counterfeit copy my style. I’m not cocky just confident, poised, and gracious leading behind God’s power, and pushing in His strength.

If you don’t know my story you can’t recognize the pain that made me into this soft heart filled woman that I am today.

Be we’ll Ladies

The Habits Of Your Purpose

The Habits Of Your Purpose

Hey Kingdom women of God! 

Today is another blessed Monday, and we have encountered another day to break into a deeper place in stepping into our purpose. 

Here are 5 points of healthy habit to break deeper into your Kingdom purpose. 

  • Set a time out every single day to spend time before God, and in your devotion time in His word.
  • Discipline yourself in your time to spend in your ministry daily.
  • Make a ministry schedule tackling your ministry duties for the week, and give yourself the permission to have the weekends off.
  • Play worship music in the backgroud while you are working to break any distraction around you.
  • Write an encouraging scripture on a sticky note a place it in eye view to meditate on when your feeling tire, and weighted down. This will help you press in to finish your day strong.



Once you start recognizing your strength, and you begin to rapidly grow into your daily ministry routine you will find yourself flourishing more, and more in your purpose.

Be well ladies.

The Offense That Stunts Your Spiritual Growth

The Offense That Stunts Your Spiritual Growth

Have you ever felt like nothing you did was enough?

I have found myself questioning why do i have to keep continuing being kind to a break wall, and God revealed something to me that brought me down to my knees crying before Him…

Bible verse related to Offense

Proverbs 19:11 – The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and [it is] his glory to pass over a transgression.

I was trying to prove to my mother that I was doing everything that I could to be obedient to god, and silence fell as things in guilt begin to set in because I was shadow boxing with myself in every area that was keeping my mother away from my protective comfort zone that I had build over the years of turmoil in our nonexistent mother, and daughter relationship.


Daily as my mother tried to interact with me I protected myself by remaining silent while quietly praying to God to fix the issues that we between us. But on the outside of my heart my discomfort showed up in distance whenever she would reach out, and God showed me that I was being doubled minded on what I was asking Him to fix.

I was running from somethings that was tearing my heart up for sometime, and the only relief that i could give myself was peeling back the surface of my issues with my mother in prayer at the feet of my Father. He challeged me to be kind even whe nkindness is not on my list towards her.


This was something that I was ready for because I was so over beating myself up in my attempts to protect myself from the one that v=birth me but also from the one that did not raise me. I set my focus on really seeing the ugly onk the inside of myself instead of living in offense towards my mother, and as I made some mini steps in correcting my behavior towards her this is what I have discovered about myself.

  • I have trigger points of abandonment
  • I have suppressed anger
  • I still hold parts of my childhood against my mothe
  • I still am not ready to let her in completely
  • I dont trust her, and that is not ok
  • I am disconnected from myself in a lot of areas
  • I do not rely on God enough in this area to heal it
  • I can’t see past the past
  • I feel dyfunctional when i am near my mother

What do i plan to do to move forward in making a leap unto the unknown of this potential relationship? 

  • i choose to release the pain of my heart to God in worship
  • I  choose  understand to my mother more
  • I choose to not allow he enemy to shuffle my issues around, and divide my house
  • I choose to take everything that has been taken in the birthing stages of this relationship back
  • I choose to kill my flesh with the word of God, and by fasting this thing out
What’s Real Within Your Heart?

What’s Real Within Your Heart?

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Is there a testistomy after going through an awful storm?

Jereè Speaks – Founder Of Mend The Vow


What happens when the seasons change, and the weather is not so perfect in your life? 

Well this has been something that I have experienced for the last few weeks God has been showing me things about myself that i do not like, and that I am seeking change in.

There is a level of responsibility that we as women take on when we choose to say yes to God daily but the question is… Are we really maturing in the things that God has called us to in ministry? God has assigned some big roles into the lives of His daughter, and sometimes this can be a bit massive when we tend to think about it because of who God is in our lives.

Here’s a few things to focus on!!!!!

  • creating goal in God is key to developing longevity in buikding for the Kingdom

  • maintaining a prayerful, and fasting life is a goal In God that you cannot aforrord to live without

  • leading while discipling other believers is where you also gain traction in obataining growth in God so that trust in Him will be granted for your next level in growth

  • aspiring  to do what God commands you to do, and taking heed to what God tells you to do are two different things. Daughters of God we must take maor steps in this season to get the work done that God has given unto us.

  • There is always going to be some type of lesson for every season that you endure but take the meat from the lessons, and drink the milk while you continue to rise above the shade onto the suset where you’ll find the glory of God awaiting to rest upon your life life a glory cloud

There is a level on ground breaking that your feet need to move on th ground before the settling of the wrok can flourish.


Are you willing to restrain your flesh, and walk in the essence of God’s authority in your life? 

7 Things To Consider While in Your Wilderness Season

7 Things To Consider While in Your Wilderness Season

When the seasons change spiritually  in your  things may begin to look like they are  not changing for the better in what you may have excepted. Right? 

There comes a time where you have to stop, and llook at what God may be saying to your life, and what He may need you to release control over steering the wheel of your life. I am finding that In this season of my life I am not at all being rebellious to what God is doing in my life. I know that forcing things to rush in my life is never the right mov e for a lot of reasons that I have experienced when trying to go before God in my life .


What has surprised me this time around in this same season of part two in the wilderness is. 

  1. I am not starting from a blank canvas. I know what to do with what I have, and I know not to remove myself from where God has placed me until He gives me the green light to do so.
  2. I am more aware not to toss aside what I am learning in this season of unleashing my life before God, and allowing him to tear me down to build me up in Him.
  3. I am resting in the fact that relying on God for everything that I need is not as hard as I thought it would be,
  4. I am reasurring myself of God;s love when things become to overwhelming in my day to day life.
  5. I am speaking the truth of God’s word over my life when I am tearfully breaking down.
  6. I am moreless unmove dispite the measures of my circumstances.
  7. I am remaining the posture before God that is pleasing to Him.There can not be another way but only the way that God leads you on… So Here is 7 things that you need to consider! 


    1. Are you prepared for God to take you deeper into the wilderness in order for Him to make you to whom He has called you to be?

    2. Are you really to give up the things that God is calling you to remove from your life?

3. Have you given God total access to your heart?

4. Are you done being Rebellious?

5. Are you willing to be fully obedient unto God?

6. Are you fetermined to walk with God this time without wavering?

7. Have you mended things with your past in order to be ready to step into your future that God is preparing for you?

Be pared to lose some people along the way before you glow up in God best leave your Judas will reveal themselves, and even though it will hurt be sire to cut the cords while allowing God to put a permanent lock on the door behind them as they make that last exist out of your life .

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