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Shaking Off The Spirit Of Discomfort

Shaking Off The Spirit Of Discomfort

For days now i have been feeling really low in my spirit, and I have really sunk into this uncomfortable pit. Why? Because i miss my husband badly, and this seperation period is ripping me apart, I cry over it, I fast during it, and i pray to fight while standing in the middle of opposition.

The days seem longer than ever before but the nights seem to roll by as I sleep wake up and scroll through my phone to avoid falling asleep again. In my body I feel emotionally drained, and I finally get the courage to text my husband to let him know that I have been thinking of him as of late, and moments later no text, hours fade by still no response from him.

My strength begin to fail me while I wait, and the sadness deepens within y heart, but God is a keeper of His promise, and His love for me. every moment that I would feel like breaking down again God sends me me a direct scripture to renew my strength in Him, and for the fight to stand for my husband no matter what this storm is showing me in the natural.


It get tough when the night fall comes to know that I can not reach out for him, and it gets the toughtest when i have to take out the trash, because my husband would always do that chore around the house. This is the reality of things in my household for now, but it is not the end of what god is doing in my marriage.

5:30 A.M this morning my alarms goes off, and the first thing I hear God speak to my heart is blog! this is the face ? I have concerning that. I thought with all of the emotions I am feeling how come you desire for me to spill my emotions of a blank canvas, and here i am stank breathe crud still in my eyes, but God. I am realizing the measure of my obedience pleases god more than my whining does.


Can I be real, and very transparent? 

Being without my husband is like really not at all what I expected it to be. I thought I was going to show him a thing or two by trying to live without him while clinging on to God for my strength well it has been more like me dragging my faith to the alter to be renewed but only in this area. My mind set really had to change, and I really had to challenge myself not to be the weakes link in all of this…

Here’s the breakdown.

I was doing everything but sinning to make sure that My husband was taking care of. Read more here!  

I know that i had to level up in my strength not to give into the things that would keep pacifying my husbands needs this is where God stepped in a few weeks ago, and got on me so badly. i was wrecked in my spirit, and I felt so bad by allowing myself to be in the way of God. Have you ever been there?


Getting me together in this dicomfort to a place of just rendering my yes to god even at times where I do not want to say yes to Him. ??‍♀️ There is something about enduring in the wilderness that really makes looking at other peoples lives while at the same time wanting to weep becaause you know they need more deliverance, and you are going through without your spouse. Yes I’m going there but not living in comparision but in the norm of thoughts. Have you ever been there? 

Here’s where the meausre of truth comes in, and I begin to think about why I am feeling so stuck, and so isolated when this is not how I felt a few days ago. I miss the cruddles, the kisses, the intimacy, and I want it back but not before the work is done I have to admit that because intimacy is the desire of my flesh, and I do not want somethng undone. Cab you relate?


Here’s some encouraging news God is not going to place anything on me that I can not bear, and as of this morning I am shaking off the dust to whom ever set a trap before me, because I am going to come out of this discomfort, and abide in the comfort of my Rapha because in Him are all things made new.

Reach For God

Reach For God

[bctt tweet=”Lately God has been revealing a lot of unresoved issues that have been lingering within my heart, and at a glance it shook me to the core of my heart.” username=”@mendthevow”]


There has been some major challenges that I has to cry through, and run to God to for his sufficient grace to help me. I know that a lot of times when there is pressure to stand I feel like doing the opposite like collapsing, and laying in my bed just to hide from it all. But I know this is not what I am suppose to do. So! What happens when attacks keep falling in the midst of a strong storm? i Trust God, and I still believe, I Trust Him to bring me out, And I Trusting His will for my life.

Sometimes I want to just mangle my mind around the things that are right in front of my face. But God! He is the source of all things that keeps me from falling, and i am thankful that each time the valley gets really low I find God coming to intervene on my behalf with a strong word behind it to hold on. Now what I have realized is that I have gotten so uncomfortable in this season to where I shifted from fasting to just riding the faith of my strength, and this is not a bad placed to be.


Faith is the substance of things Hoped for, and the Evidance of things not Seen.

Hebrews 11:1

When faith steps comes in, and drives you to a place where you are not focused on the present things that are going on around you this is when you are living in the focus of God, and this is when you neeed to perfect your faith, and you may want to get a pen, and a piece of paper for this one.

  1. Gain strength in reading God word daily, and if you can not carry your bible with you 24/7 download the YouVersion App. it will help you study the word of God hands free if you can not read with your eyes while you are on the go.

  2. Fast regularly to keep your Flesh dead, and underneath your feet. God has daily instruction for us to live a life that is pleasing unto to Him.

  3. Restructure the things that you are placing in your life (i.e what you watch on television, what music you listen to, who your are hanging around act.)

  4. Stop isolating yourself get out of the house, and reconnect with your friends that you have not seen in a while that are good friendship now I’m not speaking of the people whom God removed out of your life for certain reasons.

  5. lately do not allow the toughness of the storm to interrupt what God has commanded you to stand on.

Let’s connect!

If you are struggling in any area of your faith you can reach out to me by sending me an e-mail  

Keep the faith, and reach for God at all cost.

Stop Quitting, And Jump Back Into The Journey

Stop Quitting, And Jump Back Into The Journey

The turning point in the journey get tough, and I know at times it can seem like the only option is to just throw both of your hands up, and quit it all. 

But there is a God that still requires works from our hands to do, and we can not afford to fumble the ball just yet because the enemy is waiting on your to eject from the journey, and to break down. This can not be because the more weak you seem you are becoming in the spirital realm you are gaining so much ground in God, and the enemy knows it; so hold on to God’s unchanging hand because He is leading you to your mountain.


There is is something so powerful that needs to come out of you, and for this reason your obedience to God can not be compromised is no such way. The more to yeild to the will of the Lord, and come out of the will of yourself the more you will gain power from on high that you need to journey on, and keep the enemy under your feet.

[bctt tweet=”Some of you may never understand why God has hand picked you and has chosen you to go through all the things that you go through. #HoldOnToHim” username=”@mendthevow”]


you have to understand as well that the very things that you are going through is not for you it is for someone else but what you are going through may feel personal, and it may even seem unfair to the point that you are asking God. Lord why me? I have been there, and all I can tell you that if you will just stop searching for the why, and starting walking in the yes that you have committed unto God you will become more purposeful in this journey that you are on.

You have to become so focused on god that your spirit cries out “God I love you without restriction.” this confirms to God that no matter what you face or how you are feeling in the natural scheme of things that you will continue this journey in the way that He has commanded you to walk it out.

Here is a little snippet of encouragement for you guys! 

If you are going through the most craziest time in your journey, and you need some support from someone that has faced some difficult challenges in many seasons, and know how to rest in the Arms of the savior without allowing the storm to conquer her fear while praying for a nation of woman to hold on to Jesus. Then connect with me by sending me an email 

Are You Listening To His Sound?

Are You Listening To His Sound?

Recently there has beeen a redirection in my spirit but my mindset has not been latching on to the directions of where God has instructed me to go. I have been lazy in answer the call lately because I want more of what I need instead of what he needs me to do. 

This is so out of order! with how my spirit would normally respond to the instructions of God. I have been so in the dumps lately that the only thing i will not hold back is my praise to God, and even that has been a challenge to enter into. I read my bible daily, and I constantly surround my ears gates with worship music…. So my question to myelf is….. Whatk is lingering in my heart more that I have my focus on more than God?


To answer this you have to understand what I am going through, and what I am standing on but what i am not fully walking in is the structure of my obedience to God, and my focused faith in praise that i am no longer living in the moment but i am excited about the praise offered up to God. This is where I need to be on a daily basis in order to fulfill my increase of praise to God on this journey. 

I always find myself trying to perfect all that I am going through by living in a coud of unerved emotions and or in the mall purchasing gadgets to sooth my pains of waiting on the wait of my circumstances to change in all aspects of my life that are not going in my favork in this current moment. but what i have to remember is that God is already moving on my behalf, and while I am going through the ringer of elements to change my mindset to see visually the spiritual insight that God has for me to see I can climb up to the hill, and not be moved from this place.


Yesterday while going into a place of worship where freedom rested in the atmosphere God challenged me to praise Him for real where i was not just going through the emotional standards of worship, and this hit a tide in my path that remove a huge mountain out of my way, and I shouted until i was tossed by the wall in the spirit unhurt, and closer to the lesson being taught to me by God.


At times i know that i be wildin’ out in my own way runninkg here, and there, and not giving my full attention to the things concerning the heart of God. I feel so consumed with the things that I want to do, and that pleases my life that I get stuck on this self will, and this is not a good thing that is pleasing in the sight of God; so here is where thie things change in my focus to where i need it to shift to.


When I hear the sound of God voice it does not matter how i feel I will run to Him, and listen for the sound of His instructions for my life daily. i will not back away when things get to heavy nor when they seem to outweigh what i thought was the right turn. I will be the right way in what God is ordering in my life. 

So I have made up in the center, and all the corners of my heart, mind, body, and soul to get out of hibernation, and carry on with these hand that He has anointed to walk in places, and snatch His people back out of the place where the light will enter into these dark places.


Are you listening to the sound of the Holy Ghost? 

What is distracting you, and how can we gear up together to ignite Gods sound in your life today. Let me know below in the comment section…. 


Resist The Need To Satisfy The Flesh

Resist The Need To Satisfy The Flesh

Lately I have been walking in my flesh which as we all know dwells no good thing. I have been dividing the me into what God has told me to do concerning my husband, and I had \been so angry with my husband that I did not see the entry way that i had open up to the enemy instead of me being mad in the natural I should have shifted the way that I felt in prayer, and I should have just given it to God.

Have you ever been in a place where you just want to rise in your flesh, and just stay there for as long as your could because you felt justified? 

Welllet me tell you this is not a good place to be caught in because the enemy has knowledge of what you are up to i your flesh because you are choosing to give him rule over your emotions when you are acting in your flesh. I experienced this not to long ago, and I did not see it like the point made just above.

I was hurting from a place of lack of understand from my husband, and the moment things shifted was on yesterday when I went to go visit one of my best friends in Landcaster on yesterday. A mother of her church ask to pray for me as I was on my way walking to my best friends room, and as I walked towards her she said you are ready to explode, and I just looked at her a started to cry.

She continued to go on a give me some spiritual wisdom on how i should handle what I was going through, and after that my best friends husband poured into me, and I was thankful to have some real people of God speak the real in my life. I knew i was goiing out to visit my friend but i had no clue that God has plans of what to do waiting on me with sound instruction that only he can provide to my situation.

The thing with not allowing your flesh to rise when God is calling for you to bring it all to Him is more effective then needed to feel the freedom in acting on your faith, and it destroy what God wants to do in your life.

Worrying While Waiting

Worrying While Waiting

Lately I have been impatiently waiting on God to do what He has promised in a lot of areas in my life, but I have also been worrying at the same time thinking too hard of when it will happen, and to be honest if it is going to happen.

For the most part it seems as though on most days I am strong, and on other days I am the weakest link. I am growing very tired in being indifferent while I am waiting I know that I have to trust God totally to bring it all together without worrying in the process of things.


Nothing is more uncomfortable to me in not knowing when something is going to come to a hault but in these situation I know that God is able to do it all in His time; so I have to decide right now that I will not worry while God is working things out for my good.

Have you ever been there?

Here are some positive things that you can do to stop worrying while God is working things out in your favor!

  1. Pray against self doubt.
  2. Rejoyce in the midst of adversity.
  3. Know that God is always able to keep you
  4. Make a stand to recover all things that the enemy has stollen from you
  5. Discover your happiness while god is fighting on your behalf

The fact that knowing that God has your best interest at heart is more than enough to remain joyous in the waiting department. God knows what your are waiting for, and in this time of being shaped, and molded into what He is calling me to become fully in Him I know I have to remain patient, humble, and in prayer against all things that tries to attack me, and the mission that God has me waiting towards.

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