Change My attitude God

Today were are going to discuss the the changing of our attitudes. 

Today’s devotion is based on Isaiah 12:2

This morning in my prayer time alone with God i asked Him to change my attitude, and I really meant it. Not like the time before where I just loosely asked the Lord to work on me. But I meant it this time in a way for my focus concerning the right attitude be placed in my heart, and place within me daily. I no longer want to walk around feeling shameful after allowing my attiude to get the best of me. have you ever been there before?

It is always important is have the correct attitude when in ministry, and in everyday life

Imagine a stranger approaching you, and they are not in need of money, but of prayer, and a voice of reason to assist them in one of the most difficult times in their lives. 

How would you adjust your attitude? 

1. Would you just pray, with them, and not wholeheartedly concern yourself with how your attitude would interfere with your accurate prayer to God on this persons behalf? 

2. Would you say a prayer for correction for yourself before you pray with this person? 

3. Would you even care you lay aside your own issues for this person that is in need. 

ladies things get out of hand in our day to day lives, but we have to mesure up the cost each time we run to Jesus, and He doesn’t deny us of how our sins deserve to be deny of the Father. 

How has your attitude affected the way you live? 

Has opportunities passed you by based on the way you interact in a negative way with others? 

If you find that you have a nonchalant attitude about everything then people might notice that you think you are better then them, and let me tell you something about this. It is a ugly place to be i remember suffring from Attitude dysfuctions, and no one, and I mean no one wanted to be in the same room with me other than my family; because they knew me, and how to ver off to the other end if my attitude clashed with them. 

Operation get it together

God will not bless you no matter what season of greatness you think is coming your way. God can not fully use you at your highiest potential if your are not willing to break, bend, bow, and allow God to adjust your attiude toward the right direction. So you have to be in a oneness with God in vowing that you are going to do everything that it takes to not only work on your attitude, but to seriously maintain the right spirit in all that you set out to do from this day on. 

Life will get better

When you start to equip yourself with the things of excellence in God you will find that He will work all things out according to your faith, and the good fruits of your hands. In this season it’s very important not to buckle under pressure nor to fold when things get too hard. 

pray that this devotional has given you some insight on why it is important to keep your relationship with God at the center of your life. 

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