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God, it’s Me again Knocking On Heavens Door

The last few days I have been tip toeing on the door of leading me back to the encounter I miss with God, and I know this might sound way out there, But I feel hopeless when I am not connected to ...
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Giving Yourself Time To Heal From It All

Sis! It's time to set some goals, and it's time to stick to them.  Have you ever been caught out there in your feelings over a guy, career, or a drastic life circumstance? well I have , and let ...
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What Happened To Her? Series ( After The Pain)

It is no secrets that i have been hiding in the shadows of my pain. From the watch tower of my soul yerns to be back in a place of worship, but my faith is at a standstills, and it is reducing ...
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The Stagnant Place

Sometimes I wonder to myself will I ever get out of this drought that I am in. I felt like this for a long while, and I stopped trying to exscape the thought of whether purpose is for me or not. ...
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Am I Making The Right Decision?

Sometimes the thought can enter your mind, and it begins always by questioning the contents of your heart, and where it is headed if you make the wrong decision without seeking God first. I ...
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The Intentions

Some say that the intent of the heart is based on how, and what it has been through, and I agree to a certain extent. I just have a way of clarifying the odds of my heart like: what it shows to ...
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