Running From The Truth

The way of my faith is not noticeable any more, and i feel like I want to blind back in with the world because I feel like I am not strong enough to beat the odds in what I am facing in this ...
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The Struggles Of Lust while On The Mercy Seat

I wish I could listen to trap music while writing this blog post , and yes I still am finding it hard to even share what I am about to share with y'all! I have been fighting left, and right with ...
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Caught Out There

The one thing that is hard to admit is that I am on the other side of infidelity. The one thing I applauded myself on not doing, and I deceived myself; because I thought I had proofed my body to ...
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I Don”t Even Recongnize Myself Anymore Part 1

i've been fighting getting back on this blog to write, and honestly at times i reeally wanted to shut it down. Lately i have been fighting to stay afloat to keep my sanity. I cannot rememberers ...
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Before You Give Up On Your Marriage Read This!!!!!

When God sends a words of reconciliation to your marriage it often thought of as a rapid response from heaven, and in most cases the wait can seem impossible when God is not moving as you think ...
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Do Not Step Into The New Year The Same You

The life God has for. you is awaiting on your obedience to Him! I found out this year that things were not cut out to go my way, because when I did things my way I failed every time, and when I ...
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