Do Not Just Follow Behind The Blessing

Today’s devotion is based on 1 Timothy 28:2 

As we know God want to make sure that all of those that walk up right before Him will be blessed in all areas of their life, but where most of us fall short is we chase down the blessing instead of chasing after God, and this is one of the most selfish things that a follower of Christ can do. being blessed is more that something that you can receive in a materialism sort of way. Your life can be blessed just by simply having another day.

Chasing after God is key to a peaceful, and bountiful spiritual life

When we first come to God we assure him that we are going to follow Him, and love Him with everything that is inside of us, but something sometimes happen to where we allow life to shift us in a different direction that takes our attention away from the father. God is a jealous God, and we are not suppose to place anything above Hm. 

What are you willing to give up in order to chase after God again? 

There has to be some kind of something that might be holding you in place away from God, and while you may think that this might not be the case it is to God. When you spend less time with God it reflects in your day to day life. Are you willing to salvage w=the relationship with God? 

You have to nouture your relationship

In order for your relationship with God to strengthen you have to digg in the word daily, and mmake sure that you are actually pulling the nuggest, and the jewels throughout each passage that you read in the bible. 

God can hold your hand

If you have thought the thought of God do you love me are you still going to bless me then your mind is drifting in the wrong direction, and you need to look at the clear perspective about why it is important to have a solid relation with God, and learn why the blessings are less important, and why the relationship with God is very much more important. 

I pray that this devotional has given you some insight on why it is important to keep your relationship with God at the center of your life.