Don’t Stir The Pot

There is nothing more soothing to the to a scared heart than emerging in the plot to seek revenge on someone that has caused to pain. But let me stop you right there yes right in your tracks, and tel you that you are only going to set yourself back in this journey of where you are now. You will have to decided right now to let go of that dangerous mindset of getting even.


You have to decide right now not to be entangled with the things that will have you looking crazy out here when you are professing that you are in the journey to heal but other people see the same stages of your character. You have to show up for yourself daily, and be determined not to shift back into the darkness of your old self.

Dear God,

Today I ask for your divine healing in these areas of revenge that it will no stay, and that it will not attack the new mindset that you have placed within me. There are times where I feel like i want to just get even, and finally settle the score, but I am not that person anymore I let her die the moment I started this journey, but why have certain thoughts lingered in my mind?

Father I ask that you protect my mind, and the minds of your daughters that are longing to be better women, and better mothers, and better wives. Teach us how to operate in the fullness of you while learning how to shift =from our old ways to the new instilled ways that you are providing to us.

Lord beneath the surface of all the anger, and of all the anxiety, and the fear, and the waves of the problematic wounds that bleed out because they are not healed I trust you to the core of spirit that you are more than able to heal, and revive my heart back from the pit of darkness to the light of day.

I pray all these things in Jesus’ nae. Amen.