Episode 001: Growing Pains

In the early stages of my mariage I really did not understand what it meant to be a wife let alone how to treate my husband. I unleashed everything I felt from past pain that was not healed, and which bled into the heart of my marriage.

My intentions were not at all in the right place like I had always thought they were, and as a result my baggage begun to unpack itself, and started to pour itself on my husband. I did a lot of damage to my marriage, and as a result there were fights, words that hurt which plays sometimes over in my mind.

My object is to share my truth in order to get others to wake up, and deal with the damaged parts of their marriage in drder for the repairing to begin. I pray that is message blesses you to confront your past, and deal with your emotional issues both from your past, and in your marriage.