Finding A Deeper Love

There is a deeper love that desires to fuel into the heart of your husband from the heart that beat in your chest, but something may be prolonging it.

Sometimes in marriage there can be a blockage, and you may or may not have noticed how it is impacting you marriage in a negative way. Have you ever thought about this? 

Here are some ways to tackle some ongoing issues that you may be having in your marriage to expose the hurt, and pour in more love inside of your marriage.

  1. Reason with your spouse if you find yourself to be right

  2. Do not messure the heaart of your spouse based on the things that you are going through inside of your marriage.

  3. Never bring doubt into the conversation when your spouse is willing to try something new inside of the marriage. ( This may be the keys to the Kingdom that God is allowing you to have in order to turn things around inside of your marriage.

Leyt’s Pray

Dear God,

I thank you for another day that you have provide, and not only to love, honor, and grow closer to you daily more over also to be taught by you to lean on your wisdom more, andk to stand in the gap in my marriage that I may be able to pray your will for my marriage as a strong wife, and as the vessel in which you use to break down all demonic forces that will attempt to bleed into my marriage. Father I thank you for always guiding, and protecting me, and for always making away for me to hear you when I can upon your name.


I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen