Girl Walk In Your Purpose

This morning something was troubling my spirit, and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you all. For so long I’ve allowed the enemy to se fear as a tool to stop me from walking in my fullest potential in God, and I didn’t see it, because for years I was so consumed with what was going on in my life. Until a few years ago when I began to take back my life, and allowe God to take away the fear that I had in my life. I use to fear that if I started to share my story with the world that everyone would laugh at me, and judge me for being so brutally honest about my testimony.

But God is an all knowing God, and He always has a plan in place for the suffering & afflictions that you may be facing in your life at this very moment. If the enemy is the driving force behind the things that you’re fearing you have to step out on faith, and through the divine blood of Jesus that has never lost its power command satan to loose those strongholds that are on your life. God has given you an assignment to do, and you’re allowing the enemy to distract you. And guess what? Satan has no power over you, and he cannot stopped what God has Purposed in you to do. So today I’m standing in the gap for every woman that is living in fear, and doesn’t know how to come out of their hiding place.

Let’s pray…

Dear Lord,

We thank you for simply being you, and we honor you just for who you are. Father I declare that every person that is fearing anything in their lives that today you will command that fear to cease, and rise up no more. Lord give us peace of mind where we have none, and allow us to began to magnify our spiritual gifts so that we may walk fully in the purpose in which your have ordained us to walk in. We love and adore you Father because you have chosen us to do a work that you have anointed us to do. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!