God over Sex :Blog Series

God over Sex :Blog Series


Lately i have been going through some changes, and i have been feeling real on the edge because I never experience things like this back to back in my entire life. i’m currently waiting for my divroce to be finalized, and I have just ended a 4 month relationship with a dope man, but he is not the man for me.


It is hard to say this because him, and I have so much chemistry, and we just clikced like that, but recently in the past weeks I have been really crying out as little as I could to God to ask Him to help me through this season in my life, and he did just that He gave me the strength to walk out of this relationship with my peace, and with a clear level head.

Why the struggle is currently real

  1. I have experienced some major withdrawals, and i had to pray them away even being around him.

  2. I almost slipped last night I wanted to walk into his room and I heard God clearly say no, and I had to honored my vow to God; because my purity means everyting to me now that i am able to think clearly.

  3. I still love this guy, and it is very difficult not to be around him. He has become a real good friend, and we even talked about getting married, and moving to the aouth together at the end of the year.


Why I am sticking to God’s plan over my own plan

  • i fell pretty hard this year, and it almost took me out of this world because the enemy was not playing with me.

  • So I know without God I am nothing, and I am not willing to walk in my flesh just for a temporary fix of the flesh.

  • I know that my healing will come from God, and He will guide me in all of His divine truth.

  • In His timing He will prepare me for a love that is sent by Him, and I will be loved correctly.



I am currently healing form my marriage, and i am taking time to get to know myself in a major way again. There have been some minor, and now major bumps along the way, but what I now recongize Like I have always known is that God is in control, and in His timing everything within will be made new from the inside out.