Healing While Pruning The Scars On The Heart

[bctt tweet=”I have a very hard time with moving forward when things in my marriage seem to be out of whack; but God is always about when is is calling for correction, and even in reconciliation. ” username=”@mendthevow”]

There is a silent cry that lingers in my heart that weeps for the heart of my husband but there is a God that knows that heart of Man, and He is there when I fall apart. Sometimes I cry a lot because I often think that God is always taken my husband’s side. I know that thinking this way will not get me anywhere; so I started using the advice that was given to me by one of my good friends Madonna she simply said when you feel defeated about something just go into a praise, and thank God like He’s already done it for you.

I did not want to hear any of this because I was already in my feeling, and I just wanted to scream; but let me tell you how good God is! As I was at home later on in the day after getting this advice from Madonna I was sitting on my bed feeling really down, and before I knew it I started transitioning how I was feeling into a thankful praise unto God. I really felt better and I really knew that God just want me to praise Him in all that I am facing right now in my marriage.

Learning to move forward is not easy when it seems like I am the only one standing for my marriage, and even in these times I can still hear God redirecting my feet back into His appointed direction for me to walk on. My feet has been planted once again where God is leading them to stay on, and I have to be, and remain obedient to Him.

My prayer tonight is simply allow the cries of my heart to tap into a radical worship that leads to a radical praise in warfare for the battle cry of my marriage. I pray these things in Jesus name amen.