Is Content Blogging A Right Fit To Market Your Brand?

Is Content  Blogging A Right Fit To Market  Your Brand?

This new era of marketing online has really shacking the internet in a good way, but where everyone gets tossed around the worls wide web is when they think that every element of marketing is right for their brand. ~ Jereè Founder Of Mend The Vow

When I first begin tackling how i was going to brainstorm this marketing venture for myself I go lost before I even place one word onto a peice of paper. why? Because I felf like this was going to be something that was going to stomp me in my growing stages if I did not do it the correct way, and I did not feel like being barried under the pressure of maintaining a self marketing gig for my business.


Here are some pros & cons I had to encounter when I realized if this was going to be a realistic fit for my brand

Business Blogging Pros & Cons:

As with any content marketing tactic, there are advantages and challenges to blogging:

Pros – 

  • Excellent tool for brand awareness, authority building, storytelling and passive sales messaging.
  • Low barrier to entry with no technical or IT skills required to contribute content.
  • Ability to measure and track performance.
  • Flexible platforms with multimedia capabilities to distribute information in a variety of formats.
  • SEO benefits; enhanced visibility in front of people seeking a specific type of information.
  • Attract new customers, engage existing ones and convert both to buy – more and more often.

Cons – 

  • Can be time consuming to create content.
  • Requires a publisher mindset from brands possibly not used to this model.
  • Requires planning, organization and editorial control, particularly with multiple authors.
  • Creative, unique content can be a challenge.


This was a disaster in the making, but as I redeveloped my my on how it would benefit me in the long run I put my mind to work, and begun to strategize on different ways to research on how to use content business related writing to market my brand on a level where it would bring more awareness to the product, and services that I provide, but also bring awareness to the message behind my blog. I realized in by using a dual strategy behind the marketing aspect of it all will bring awareness to the woman behind the blog without me loosing myself behind pushing my brand forward.



Here’s a word to first time content marketers

Look I know that you are eager to get out, and make noise about your brand, but you have to maintain a level of consistency in what you choose to lead in the market place to get the word out that your brand is here. Take your time, and the awareness of your brand will be heard.