It’s Foggy Out There

This morning i a really feeling all type of different emotions to wear it is hard for me to even fight faith in writing this pray. I have been through a lot, and my ultimate purpose is to really shed light to issues that no one openly want to talk about  in order for healing to arise in the lives of the hurting people in this world. Can you relate?

In this moment i am uncomfortable to really be as transparent as I am about to be. But here I am, and here goes some deep transparency.

Baring the deepest parts of yourself is very hard, but is so worth it in the end. Join me on my journey in forgiveness & leading womens back to the heart of God & to the heart of their husbands.

Unplugged from the world is how I always felt, because I was in trouble within my own being. I never knew how to discuss the abuse that had taken place, and all I wanted to do was hide myself in my misery; so I shut off my feelings to the world. I never thought I could get closure of my dark past. I always sought within myself the questions of why me?

Why did I have to be the one to carry out this burden to the world to share and help heal the hearts of other women when no one ever took the time to heal my broken heart. Until one day it all begin to make sense. God spoke to me, and commanded me to share my story of all that I had gone through. I am a woman who has

Survived Rape

Survived Childhood Molestation

Survived Living In A Broken Home

Survived Domestic Violence And so much more


Journey with me as I share my story with women so that through my testimony others can be set free.


Whew that was a lot to get out but i have to allow myself to walk in total transpancy in this journey exposing my life to a dying world in order for the darkness to redeem its light.


With sharing all that i just shared i am deeply rooted in this journey uncoiling from every secret, every force that tries to keep me hinged to the past parts of my past .


Chile Let’s Pray

Dear God,

Thank you for being my protector guiding me even when i resist your guidance you still pursue my heart to conquer the mission of which you have placed over my life. i know that these times, and trails are heavy but I know that there will be unmeasured peace, and freedon in the end.

Lord Pray that all women that are struggling with confidence, self issues, and most importantly the women that are struggling to reach out to you with their whole hearts i ask that you know them favor today.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen